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    Kauto Star at Olympia last night

    Well I don't often comment on here but feel for the horse..and for Laura! Possibly she over did the calmers/sedalin or whatever on a big night when it mattered to go well but it was a very sorry sight. He did not look happy. Hope he can find a happy future, i'm sure he would rather go hunting...
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    Planning permission - hardcore track from field gate to stables

    Thank you everyone, a lot of interesting & helpful replies. There is already a gateway and in the first instance we were just going to put hardcore down on the grass so there was a track to the stables but I think it might be worth having a word with the council by the sounds of things, we want...
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    Planning permission - hardcore track from field gate to stables

    Will do...thank you for your advice :)
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    Planning permission - hardcore track from field gate to stables

    Thank you HoHum, very helpful advice :)
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    Chatsworth- staying over, including horse! Recommedations please

    PM me, an eventing friend just up the road in Curbar has stabling she put a post of fb the other day, might be worth a try!
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    Planning permission - hardcore track from field gate to stables

    As the above... we are moving to a property which has stables but which are accessible from the field gate (which is on a quiet lane) and want to put down a track to access them/park the horsebox on. Not sure if we need pp, nobody else overlooks the field but would appreciate any advice. Thanks!
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    Vale View BS report from today :) two double clears!

    Well done, lovely rounds & even better to go home with a ribbon :)
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    Show jump warm up fences

    Have got to agree with you there Madali, people often warm up over far bigger fences than the actual class, even more annoying their entourage put it up a hole each time as soon as their rider has jumped, ignoring everyone else who needs to jump and you have to shout 'can you leave it please'...
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    Horse has died *need hugs*

    Very sorry to hear, he had a short but happy retirement, not fair for people to be saying you should have called the vet, my thoughts are with you x
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    Weekend plans.

    Field House sunday...looking forward to it as was working last weekend. Hoping the weather forecast is wrong as it is going to be a bit windy but hopefully not too windy to risk driving there!
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    Solihull Elite Show Report

    Lovely flowing rounds & great jump-off, well done :)
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    FAO people that compete at vale view

    I'm not a Vale View regular as it is a bit further to travel for me from more local arenas but have been there a couple of times recently when they have had qualifiers on. Parking - plenty of space on a big flat yard, warm-up is big arena too, café with viewing down one side of it (and café is...
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    2 horses and working full time... Stupid?

    Perfectly do-able if you want to! I have two, although one is 23 & retired, I sj the other one at weekends. I work full-time & keep them both at a small farm up the road, it is not a yard as such, no arena etc, I just rent the field & stables, it is totally DIY with no involvement from the...
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    3.5t Horse Lorry, Needle in a hay stack!?

    Be very careful!! Some of the older 3.5tonnes have little more than plywood separating you from the horse, also, whilst the paintwork etc might look ok on the outside the underneath might be rusted & cost you more than the actual box is worth just to get through mot... definitely worth checking...