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    Moving a heavyweight traditional cob to spain... will she cope?

    I had a share of a Dutch warmblood living in France imported from UK and he HATED the weather there. his owner sold up and came back in the end and now he's happily back to his old self. It's the flies and lack of grazing that did it for her and that was in a region that wasn't mad hot (South...
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    Snotty nose

    Mines snotty with the pollen, as above, check temperature if normal not a problem. I called vet this time last year, I took pics of the snot (nice) they said monitor temp and call if changes, it didn't, same this year.
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    Horse going down in trailer, scariest moment of my life

    And me, mine suffered a severed artery so didn't come off as well it's the most hideous experience and God only knows how I'd have coped if mine too was on a busy road! The blood the noise her shocked face are still night,arise to me, I too have not yet tried to travel her again.
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    Summerweight short riding boots

    Didn't read this post beforehand but have actually just bought the ariat boots form countrywide, they were £70 and I LOVE them, just done a 3 hour hack and no sweaty feet or calves (also bought a pair of synthetic chaps).
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    Lazy pony

    My lazy mare has been turned around by getting great instruction to get her off of my leg. She is now quite forward in the school and a different "person" altogether due to getting fitter. Last year I asked the question on here about getting a lazy one fit and less fat and was told (Aimee may...
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    horse going down in horsebox

    I reported my horrible accident in here a few months back, basically exactly the same, mine scrabbled went down and servered an artery! The changes for me were, loading tacked up, changed sides to the right, tethered in a bungee. I'm pretty sure one of these,add the difference but I've just...
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    Horses and relationships

    My OH is golf, cricket and cycling mad, we arrange to meet in the middle sometimes that means not for long and we've been together 25 years so my suggestion, if he doesn't enjoy your hobby make damn sure he has one of his own! Forgot to say, his mates are envious as hell that he gets 'his' time...
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    I "might" be doing something naughty tomorrow . . .

    Aw sounds like a great day, maybe Aidan tomorrow then,, lol.
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    I "might" be doing something naughty tomorrow . . .

    So did she?
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    I "might" be doing something naughty tomorrow . . .

    I'm hoping you've sold your kids and run off with Aidan Turner (poldark) on horse back across the Cornish cliff tops!
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    New lead-rein pony one week on

    He is very cute! On the hens, I guess he sees them as after his food, I noticed they were in the feeding pic, I've seen the same with confusion a yard cat at one place would go in stables with horses and poke nose into feed etc, horses didn't mind, new pony thought no chance and actually threw...
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    Is there such a thing as an effective fly repellent for humans?

    I read somewhere that horseflies don't hunt by scent so nothing smelly is effective. I managed a hack without any by using pig oil on my mare, just on the bite they land on, if they can't land they can't bite I figure. So the suggestion of Avon so soft is probably a good one, make yourself a...
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    Rings on feet

    Mine has rings on field change as others have said, she's never been "foot" lame, had an accident to the fetlock which put her on box rest but she's come through that (which could have been mobility ending in others) so I don't think it would out me off.
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    Owners who never ride their horse? Competition livery

    I do wonder why more than one person On my yard keeps a horse they don't ride more than may be once a week at a push. They also complain about the winter/weather/general chores. They would be better just having a lesson or buying something they would enjoy riding (most have horses that are...
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    How much does your horse cost you?

    I put £500 a month in a separate account, only started this for the last few months, it's an interesting perspective, on the one had I know exactly what I've spent at a glance, on the other I know exactly what I've left so want to spend it! So far im surplus average £150 per month - that was...