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    How much would you pay for this horse?

    13 yr old 15.3 mare. Totally genuine. Hunt, xc, hack, arena event. Jumps 80cm with ease. No world beater but a real sweetheart. Got a spark but not daft. Can Ride daily or weekly and she’s no different. Loads and unloads quietly anywhere. With about 10 decent rugs and £1400 beautiful gp...
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    Tell Me About Stonar School

    I worked there (working pupil/gap student) in 2007/2008 and loved it. The girls all seemed very happy there and the horses were very well cared for. There certainly wasn't strangles when I was there but I don't know if there has been since. To be honest if a yard where horses are regularly...
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    Marathon challenge

    The link to sponsor me....
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    Marathon challenge

    I am honoured to have been choosen to run the london marathon for the equine grass sickness fund. I lost my beatiful mare to this dreadful disease back in 2013 (see post titled 'lost my princess') I am raising funds to help fund research into finding a vaccine or cure. Please read my story...
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    lost my princess

    Feel free to read my story../
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    lost my princess

    Ive just re read this and it still makes me cry. Im shamelessly bumping this up after all this time as im running the london marathon to raise funds for the equine grass sickness fund. This is a hugely emotional and proud time for me. So lovely people of horse and hound please sponsor me. Xxx...
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    Midland saddle fit

    My last one of these I promise. Has anyone used Midland saddle fit??? Or anyone got a Utopia saddle? If so please tell me all. Thanks
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    Sally Cartwright saddler

    Have you had your appointment yet? How did it go? What did you think? What brands/makes of saddles were stocked? Many second hand? Sorry for all the questions.
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    Anyone used 'just saddles'

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    Anyone used 'just saddles'

    As title. Anyone used them for a saddle fitting? Particularly Claire who covers my area according to the website.
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    Anyone going to Eland Lodge camp next weekend?

    Wish I was. My girly has been held up with a splint so were only just on walking hacks again. Its so close to me too. Maybe next time. Enjoy! : )
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    Saddle advice

    My girl has outgrown her albion K2 gp and im gutted. would definatly recommend them.
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    Monarch saddles

    I tend to agree with this. I dont know how much stock my saddle fitter has in second hand so am looking into what she stocks new. Bates, im not a fan of cair. Wintec, is a no go. And equipe are mega money. So monarch is possibly an option.
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    Monarch saddles

    Anyone got any experience of these? The good the bad and the ugly, tell me all.
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    sheath cleaning

    I use (advised by vet years ago) ky jelly. Just pop a a good dollop up there and it softens the smegma so it can loosen off and clean out itself. And if ky jelly is safe to put up your you know where then i trust its safe for my ponies boy bits.