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    List for crufts

    Go and see the Hovawarts :) I met an absolutely darling one at Crufts and it made me really want one, despite vowing never to have a hairy dog (short haired all the way for me!).
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    whippet wardobe

    These are really good, I've had a few from them over the years - fast delivery and lovely coats
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    Living out over winter- worried

    That would depend entirely upon which track system it is. I had an extremely poor experience with one, resulting in me having to rescue my crippled horse. Feel free to pm me.
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    Schnauzer..really bad news .

    So sorry to read this. There are no words to make it easier. Sending love and strength.
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    Holiday riding (beach preferably) in Cornwall

    We're going on holiday to Cornwall soon; I usually try and look out a local riding school or trekking centre to have a blast on the beach while I'm away. We're staying near St Austell (so south coast) - would be willing to travel an hour or so to get to somewhere decent though. Doesn't HAVE to...
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    Is this a horsefly bite

    My boy used to react like this to horsefly bites - they were the size of dinner plates. I ended up putting him in a sweet itch rug in summer as a normal fly sheet didn’t stop them 😕
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    What is the most stupid thing said to you by another dog owner??

    Oh my GOD! Why ever would they do that?! Not to mention the fact that their dogs may have attacked the puppies (if your bitch had let them get anywhere near). My dog would have probably tried to eat the puppies, he absolutely detests puppies! Absolute recipe for disaster in so many ways...
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    Pointy ears HELP!!

    I tried coins. They got launched at high velocity like little bullets when he shook his head. Also tried snoring strips... They didn't work for fixing the errant ears, but wish I'd kept them for OH!
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    Gosh this makes a mockery of my Amazon Smile donations to Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust! Signed.
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    Pointy ears HELP!!

    They might sort themselves out in time. My Manchester Terrier had the most perfect, show-worthy button ears as a pup. They went pointy when he hit adolescence - and especially at shows, so we never did place. I did try a couple of tricks to try and train them down, half heartedly as I didn't...
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    What the hell?

    I remember being horrified at seeing a Boxer puppy in a tiny, bright fluorescent-lit glass cage in an animal feed store in the Valencia region in Spain, probably about 15 years ago. I think they still do this over there now (along with all sorts of other horrible things). Yes, we do have issues...
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    Pictures I cannot believe I am posting this - RIP Arizona

    So, so sorry to read this awful news. Your second post about your husband had me in tears sitting waiting for the obligatory 15 mins after my Pfizer jab - I must have looked very odd but I don’t care. The utter devastation you must be feeling! Heartbroken for you. So glad your hubby has had the...
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    Should I hit the panic button?

    Aww congratulations! What a rollercoaster for you! Glad mare and foal both doing well.
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    Run free, Gypsum, May 2, 1993 -June 2, 2021

    So sorry for your loss. Tears in my eyes reading your beautiful words about your beautiful horse. Sending love x
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    Odd things you’ve found in a field

    A severed lamb's leg. Presume fox (?) had eaten the rest :(