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    Micklem Bridle with Hanging Cheek?

    I use a normal horse size on my 16hh ish. They are easy to put together (ref poster who said they are a *****) I use a hanging cheek tongue saver snaffle for flat and hanging cheek Waterford for jumping and they fit fine. I could upload pics later if you want?
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    Breeds / types... variety, or are you sold on one?

    heinz 57 bred hunter type for me full stop ;)
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    Saddle fitting advice -back lifting off over fence - is this normal?

    It can depend on the horses confo Mine has high wither and is croup high - she needs made to measures saddles to fit her as of the peg are too flat treed. What ever we do the sale will a always lift at the back when she jumps - it doesn't affect her (belive me if it did I'd be in the floor as...
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    FLIES- leaving the horse to it?

    I leave them to it unless they have sweet itch - I think the fly rug/mask/spray market is more for the benefit of the owners feeling ;)
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    horses & windfarms

    Couple near us (smaller ones) and I hack between them no bother at all I have no problem with them and neither does my mare
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    To the rider in Bankfoot....

    Pass - ga! Silly no edit phone!
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    To the rider in Bankfoot....

    Yes he's a cracker! I'll pad your compliments on :)
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    Hmm. Micklem has some competition?

    There's a new Zealand company who make an exact copy. Tbh I love my micklem in terms of how HRH goes in it but I'd not say is particularly well made or good quality leather. I think the older ones were better quality
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    To the rider in Bankfoot....

    Big ish type? Dark brown/black Not mine but know it if so :D I used to hack round there a lot ;) now moved just 7 miles away
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    Starting out in Eventing

    i'd do unaffiliated in all 3 first - then move up to unaffiliated ODE's - you get some run over BE courses anyway - then once you are happy at the level you want to compete at and are getting reasonable scores then - and only then - consider BE i say this due to a few things - 1. Price -...
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    Getting tongue over bit, ideas?

    My mare does this work every mouthpiece bar the cotswolds sport tongue saver, (Def worth a try) a Waterford and a forward high ported NS show Pelham. I have legally tried everything else! For Her it is tongue room
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    200kgs - heavy enough for a grass roller?

    Ah is not that sandy! Right next to sand and gravel Quary but a good layer of top soil - it's just not heavy like clay etc ;) Thanks for advice - I'll look for a heavier one or see if I can get a farmer with a small tractor to come in and roll for me - problem is they are usually too busy...
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    200kgs - heavy enough for a grass roller?

    Darn my phone and it's inability to edit! Meant to say thanks in advance for any advice ;)
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    200kgs - heavy enough for a grass roller?

    I've been offered a roller at a good price - Specifications: Overall Width: 1625mm Working Width: 1524mm Total Weight Filled with Water: 200kg Durable powder-paint finish Minimum parts to assemble Able to grease the bearing block But is 200kgs heavy enough to roll a...