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    buying a well known ex racehorse that has won a million

    He is being advertised on facebook today for 2.5k says he is schooling nicely with photos of him being schooled and jumped.
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    moving good from Devon to wisbeach.

    Thank you guys. What's it like up there for work? It would be a huge step for me as I'm moving away from everything and everyone I know baring my family. So I wouldn't know anybody.
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    moving good from Devon to wisbeach.

    Thank you. It's quite daunting but also exciting to start a new chapter in my life. I've just not been there so really don't know what it's like. I've had several relationship issues and feel that a new start in a new area with family close by would be good for me. However I've moved to a...
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    moving good from Devon to wisbeach.

    Hi guys, just wondering if you guys could help me. My family are moving to Gorefield near Wisbeach. Im also thinking of moving not long there not long afterwards for a bit of a fresh start etc. I would be moving my horse with me so will be looking for livery/fields to rent nearby. What's it like...
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    Pros/cons of stables in field

    I have my stables in the field. Never had a problem when I habe more than one as I'd always put them all in when I was going anything with them anyway. Now I habe one horse it's easy. It's not fences off as found they would be hanging around making a mess of the field when waiting to come in...
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    stallions - DIY livery yards?

    My old mare was the problem, not the stallion on the yard. He was extremely well mannered and never ever looked to break into her field. The mare however would try to get to him however possible even when it resulted her getting stuck on the fence and having to be cut free.
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    Why did you leave your last yard/s?

    I left my last yard because my horse was unhappy there. I loved it there but after trying to give him time to settle it seemed to have the opposite effect. He became dangerous to handle so I decided to move back to the place I rented before. Within half an hour of arriving back he was back to...
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    Badminton thread!

    I hope they use him again, it's a proper Badminton course very well done IMO.
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    Help pony trashed muzzle within 1 day!!

    He was happily grazing when I left, it took him approximately 5 minutes to know what to do. I had been told by his previous owners that he had worn them before. I will try him in the green guard and if he trashes that one then I have no other option but to not turn him out.
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    Help pony trashed muzzle within 1 day!!

    I bought a Roma grazing muzzle yesterday, put it on him and he seemed to get the hang of it really quickly so left him to it. This morning I arrived to see the muzzle in 3 pieces in the field he had completely ripped the whole muzzle off then the headpiece and the nose band . Any ideas on which...
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    Tragic accident RIP Loki

    I'm so sorry to hear this news. RIP Loki
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    Stopping for a poo ?

    My boy will stop and poo. Even out hunting he has to stop. I try and get him moving but it's a hell of a job to get him to take a few steps till he has finished. I do activily discourage it but without beating the crap out of him (excuse the pun) I don't know what else to try.
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    Has This Winter Changed the Way....

    This winter my two have lived out on 2-3 acres and it's well trashed. I'm putting a partition into the field shelter in the summer so they will have a stable and will come in at night and stay in while weather is really bad. Even though they are out 24-7 actually they choose to stand inside all...
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    I came off on the 14th January and my coccyx is still sore...

    Get it checked. I hurt mine when I was 13 whist riding my bike and whilst it only hurt for a few months It still plays up from time to time now and I'm nearly 32.
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    Anyone else have a horse that refuses to move in a school?

    My gelding is like this. I have just spent the last year or two hacking and hunting etc. will try to do some schooling in the summer, failing that he will go to a professional for a few months.