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    Anyone NOT use fly spray/rugs/masks?

    I just use a fly mask as he hates them around his face and eyes. He also has a field stable to go into to escape too and he uses that a fair bit.
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    7 acres of thistles. Help!

    When I took my field on it was pure shoulder height thistle and dock. I got the farmer to cut and bale it for his cattle. For the first 3 years I sprayed it each spring and that got rid of the majority of them. Each year the field was topped which stopped the spread of seeds and weakened the...
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    Horses needing a little time alone

    Your horse will let you know if they are not happy with the arrangements and if he/she is happy grazing on their own for some peace and quiet then fair enough. My lad does not tolerate other horses at all and so is on his own and perfectly happy for it.
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    foggage or standing hay

    I have had my Welshie on standing hay this summer and it has done him the world of good! I move the fence a bit each day and he eats it down well with no waste because he only has a narrow strip. He has actually lost weight with little exercise and I can only put it down to him chewing long...
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    cyclists spooking girls horse - RANT

    We all have our attitudes...some good, some bad. Does not matter whether you are a cyclist, horse rider, walker, off roader...anything. We also perhaps do not all have a comprehension of the difficulties we face within our own sports. Horses being spooky and jumpy, cyclists that really cannot...
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    My fat horse is out 24/7 and getting fatter! help!!

    Well all the obvious solutions to prevent laminitis by changing the say you cannot do for one reason or another. But seriously, take your vets advice and act now, even it it means inconvenience or tight finances. You will have far more inconvenience and far less available money...
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    4 weeks notice in livery contract - Help

    What does your livery contract state?
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    Help, how to make a little boy comfortable

    Get him some children's padded cycling shorts?
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    Horse dangerous around vet - advice please!

    PS the Dormosedan Gel does not just take the edge off them, it makes them a dope on a rope, even the most petrified. My lad is a big strong welsh cob who throws his weight around, but with the sedation he is too dozy to do anything but stand with his head down.
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    Horse dangerous around vet - advice please!

    My lad is the same following a spell at the vets. He will not even let them touch him never mind anything else. We gave up with trying all tricks to get his vaccines in him each year...too traumatic for me and him. I now give him Dormosedan Gel prior to the vet arriving and he is a poppet for...
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    Standing at the back of stable ???

    My lad started doing this when I moved him to a different stable that had a window at the back. He now spends a lot of time with his bum to the door...but he is looking out of his rear window. Maybe yours just likes a bit of quiet time to himself??
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    Verbally abused for not overtaking!!!

    quirky - I was deffinately not too close to them...I am a horse rider so know the rules, risks and have common sense. They were cross because I would not overtake when they beckoned for me to do so.
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    Verbally abused for not overtaking!!!

    To those horse riders (possibly from Alfreton Stables) that I was behind this morning on a busy major road...thank you for verbally abusing me because I wanted to make sure I could see over the brow of a blind hill before overtaking you this morning!!! Yes you may well have been waving me...
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    What little things do you love about your horse/pony?

    Everything...he makes my heart sing.
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    How much does your horse cost you a month?

    Even though I work full time, I do a part time job some evenings to supplement my income, which in effect pays for my horse...they are not cheap and my lad lives at home! Field rent (spare field) - £50 per month Chaff - £10 per month Hay - £40 - £50 per month (stabled at night all year...