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    Welcome to HHO Towing Clinic

    Hi I've been recommended to speak to you regarding towing an ifor Williams HB505 with a Honda CV-R diesel. My horse weighs 560kg and I have my trailer licence too. Can you advise if a Honda cv-r will be any good, or advise something similar as I have also looked at a Freelander which I've...
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    DIY/field livery Dartford and any areas PLEASE

    Someone please help me I'm beyond stressed. My horse is unhappy and has changed into an unhappy grump when he's always been a fabulously happy lad. I am desperate to find a field livery or DIY stable in Dartford, Swanley, Hextable, Longfield, Darenth, Stone, Fawkham, and the surrounding...
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    first time dressage for me and horse :/ scared

    So I have entered the intro B 2009 dressage in three weeks time. My horse has not been ridden in the arena, so hoping to go there for a practice run with my instructor to go through the test and a practice of riding in the arena. I am quite worried about how my boy will (or maybe won't)...
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    horse had leg stuck in haynet... alternative?

    The nets I use are small hole, so gosh knows how he managed to get a leg through both sides, he kicks it around when its on the floor, I have a shavings bed, and I cant waste hay, it will get kicked everywhere and he poos over it so I have to chuck more than he eats a day.... I will not be using...
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    horse had leg stuck in haynet... alternative?

    My horse had his leg stuck in his hay net this morning when I got to the yard. Luckily he didn't panic and he waited for me. When I got there he had his leg caught so I had to cut him down because the string on the ring didn't break. Net was tied with string which didn't break and net was...
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    North Kent Hacking Routes... where to travel to? beaches, woods?

    I am looking for some places to take my horse hacking. We are in North Kent, near by to Speedgate. I have tried looking for the TROT ride routes but haven't found any too local. I have ridden at Speedgate, hacked locally on roads, a couple of local routes, etc but I want to find some...
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    ground work for horse not being ridden due to my operation...

    Thanks very much for the suggestions - horse agility looks great fun so there's a few of us on the yard who are going to set it upnin the school and take turns :) I also have a 12ft rope im going to take him out 'hacking' on, so he can walk away and do some obstacles too :) he leads etc from...
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    Horse share in Bexley

    Do you want to do more ground work or more ridden? X
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    Small hole Shires hay nets... are they long lasting?

    No! My horse has eaten through every single one of the 7+ nets! All now fashionably repaired with baling twine :/
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    ground work for horse not being ridden due to my operation...

    Basically I have had an operation on my hand, therefore I am not allowed to ride :/ I lunge him, but he gets bored easily.. what else can I do with him? We were finally getting somewhere with our riding, and my friend is riding once every now and again, but he's just started to work hard...
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    dressage saddle, girths?

    Hello Ive never owned a dressage saddle so please bear with me... It has long girth straps, so can I use a normal long girth or do I need to have a dressage girth... how do I measure for abdressage girth.. Only ask as how do you reach to do up the straps if theyre so low down... images...
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    Cyclossage Massage Rug

    My horse had a treatment, I didn't feel that my horse enjoyed it very much and I don't feel it beneficial to him in any way. It didn't seem to do much to release/relax him and to be honest he was bored and started getting impatient whilst it was on, so he wasn't paying attention to it or...
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    The most useless horsy item you have ever bought?

    Oh don't im looking for a dressage saddle!! Nightmare haha
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    bt/tesco storage ideas please

    Hehe I know - just imagine all them lined up lol... We have them round the back so theyre not seen from the yard lol... Brilliant thanks everyone, they fit a lot of hay (about 30 bales for one horse) so can be stocked yeah so theyre good really as feed rugs hay etc can all be locked together...
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    bt/tesco storage ideas please

    I need a storage area. Most people on the yard have the old BT vans or Tesco vans. They're water tight, lockable door and have plenty of space for hay and rugs. Where can I get one? Im no sure they are even called to search for... Need to get one sorted for the winter months so I can...