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    How did you know your horse was "the one" ha?

    I was riding Rosie and a couple of other ponies to help her owner out, after replying to an ad in the paper. She had me quite worried the first time I rode her, and I prefered the woman's quieter pony at first. But Rosie has a buzzyness about her I've never felt with another pony before. She...
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    Saddle help!

    The Width is sometimes printed on the stirrup bars.
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    Can i please see photos of 5'8" people riding 15.2/3hh please?

    I'm 5'8 and not a small built lassie and I ride a 14.1hh Highland.
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    What to do with an old decrepit saddle?

    Sell it. Someone will buy it. I'm looking for a wee one at the moment for my welshie, just purely for lungeing/long reining, so not bothered about how old/skanky looking saddle I get as long as it's cheap and the tree is sound. Leather can always be worked on with a bit of elbow grease.
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    My, My, where did this confidence come from?!

    Well Done you. I am a total wimp when it comes to jumping. A total wimp when it comes to lessons as well, I like to do my own thing. Have been brave today and booked a lesson with a local dressage lady before my youngster comes back from being backed. Is not till next week but am nervous...
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    querie for those that ride next to railways?

    I work for the railway. I wouldn't ever try and second guess the train times as although there is a passenger timetable, there is also a seperate time table that takes into account other services, freight trains, and re routing due to problems. I would never take a risk crossing a line without...
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    Mike Barker...?

    I just wondered if anyone knew anything about a natural Horsemanship trainer called Mike Barker? He did some work with a pony that I own and I just wanted to find out a bit more about him and the work that he does. I've never seen one of his demo's or met him, but my pony was used for a demo...
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    Anyone Have A Husband/Partner In The Army? Or Joining?

    My other half is in the army. It's not easy sometimes. He lives away from me and we only see each other for a few days a month. It's hard work but I wouldn't swop him for the world.
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    Horse Transport?

    Does anyone have any suggestions of people/companies that would be able to transport a pony from Ayr to Perth before the end of the month?
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    Project Horse / Companion / Broodmare ?

    It May be worth having a chat with your vet re embryo transfers etc if that is the way you want to go, as he will be able to tell you all the ins & outs. Have you discussed with your vet what the likely outcome for the future will be, eg could she be a hack, will she stay sound even as just...
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    Farriers In Perthshire...

    I'll give them a try. I would rather get recommendations off people than just ring random numbers off the website. Just because have had a few bad experiences with farriers so quite wary.
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    Farriers In Perthshire...

    Can anyone recommend a farrier that covers Perth area? Mine appears to have dropped off the face of the earth, and after a month of trying to get hold of him I'm giving up.
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    Which should come first

    Yard. You would be gutted if you found the right horse then lost him because you had no where to go.
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    Livery/Grazing Urgently Needed Perthshire Area.

    I am desperatly looking for livery or grazing in the Perthshire area for my 2 ponies. Where I am at the moment isn't working out. I've been looking for weeks but I've not managed to come up with anything. Does anyone have any suggestions or yards or local farmers who I could contact. I've...
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    Meet Finella, my new pony

    She's lovely. Once you've been bitten by the Highland Bug you never go back.