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    How freeking awesome is Mary

    She's won on Kings Temptress and came second on Urco :D
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    Kentucky SJ Thread!

    Yess! Well done Mary :D
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    Kentucky SJ Thread!

    If you use Firefox and install FoxyProxy and then use and select a USA proxy and follow the instructions to use the proxy, you can watch online here :) Fingers crossed for Mary
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    How freeking awesome is Mary

    I agree! I'm just watching Kentucky atm, fingers crossed she stays 1st and 2nd! She certainly is a huge role model, I hope that I get to see her ride in the Olympics if she's on the team (I think she will be) and I get allocated tickets :)
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    Good Luck Mary King :D

    Ah I've been revising all day so I can watch this! Now its shall I cook tea or revise more? Hmm tea wins :P
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    parents teaching their children you can't always win at shows, my experience yesterda

    Nope, my mum who is totally non horsey was thrilled when I was placed 3/4th in my local shows on tabby. I do remember taking Tabby in a veteran class when I was about 13/14 and we did a nice little individual show, tabs got a little excited during the canter and it wasn't perfect, she does...
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    Good Luck Mary King :D

    Good Luck Mary! I hope she stays in top position, she is my favourite eventer :)
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    Veteran competition horses

    My mare is 22 and still competes :)
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    How much do you love your yard?

    Oooh if you don't mind can you PM me what yard you are at? It sounds amazing!! Would love to know where it is in case I need to move tabs in the future :)
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    Family, friends and horses- ranty rant rant!

    Haha! That's brilliant :D
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    What is that??

    Haha I think so yes :P
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    What is that??

    I may be wrong but I think its to help them to breathe x
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    Damaged coccyx - how long til I can ride again - wail!

    When I hurt my coccyx I think it took about 2 weeks to feel ok to ride, I think, it was a while ago now :P It was my own fault, landed on a rock and it took me a while to get up and walk over to lunge my horse. Hope it feels better soon!
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    How do you cope?

    I'm dreading the day I have to face this. So sorry for your loss x
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    Riders ability/ Bringing on a younger horse

    Thanks for the replies guys :) As for my personality and attitude towards them, I am very patient and pretty determined when it comes to riding. I have a bit of a 'get on anything' attitude and I'm always put on the ones the others are scared of riding :D I wasn't thinking on getting something...