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    Livery Yards near Exmouth

    I'm moving to the area later this year and am looking for somewhere to keep my little cob, preferably DIY. Doesn't have to be mega posh, just need a stable, turnout and a basic ménage. New to the area so looking for some help from you guys. Cheers
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    Horses4Homes - they don't check references

    Seeing as that's my horses' advert that was linked to at the beginning, I will share my experiences with them... We have been through the loan cycle once, and he is returning due to a change of circumstance of his loaner (it's not for me to share why but no fault of either her or the horse)...
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    Encouraging summer coats and moulting

    Mine is unclipped (youngster not working) but well rugged as he is a pansy WB, he decided the 1st of March was time to start moulting with force.
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    Big horses scared of mini shetland - will they get over it?

    My old shetland caused horror in large horses everywhere he went. My youngster was terrified of him initially but soon got over it.
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    Brewer's yeast as a calmer?

    It seems to help my youngster more so than the magnesium. I would guess possibly gut/digestion related action?
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    Safe way to lead out a sharp youngster??

    I've been here and would always recommend a longer rope/line (along with a hat and gloves!) to give you chance to be able to respond quickly enough. A short pair of reins and they can whip round and be off before you know it. I'm guessing if it's a large baby then is likely to be either a TB or...
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    Opinions on Monty Roberts?

    I like Warwick Schiller. Very blunt and seems to hate warmbloods, but he seems to get good results without too much flannel in between. Think this was the first one I saw -
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    Leading a horse who pulls away

    I've used all the methods suggested at various times When I bought my youngster he wasn't very well handled and I used a Dually to stop him rearing when he didn't get his own way. When he was a bit more settled I moved onto a halter to teach the finesse, which it was great for. Most of the...
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    breaking equipment

    Equi Ami do some nice accessories, even if you don't want the main gadget. Their roller has mahoosive D rings, good for long reining and they do a cavesson with bit clips so that if you are using gadgets you don't need both a bridle and a cavasson on at the same time.
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    Best bedding for a wet horse

    My stable slopes so I just put a sprinkle in the corner where it collects and remove it when I muck out, too much and it just becomes a pain. I did start from shavings though and just wound it down, putting straw on top.
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    Warm tough wellies? Under £100

    Thanks for all these, bit cautious about the muckboots as they do ones that are very similar to the Just Togs ones I bought first. Interestingly after returning them I found a bit of paper in the boot of my car showing that you're not supposed to wet them? How does that work?
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    Best bedding for a wet horse

    Straw with a bit of shavings in the wet spot if necessary. Miles cheaper :)
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    Horse out on loan... but needs new saddle, who pays?

    I bought a saddle for a loan horse I had. The one she came with didn't really fit her very well. I kept hold of it however, and had an adjustable one fitted. When she went back I returned her with her original saddle (which I had stored properly) and kept the adjustable which I then had fitted...
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    Warm tough wellies? Under £100

    Hello all! Please can I have recommendations for some nice and warm, but tough wellies. I have bought Joules in the past as they fit well and are comfy to wear all day, but they usually don't last very long, so no more. Had Ariat Mudbuster and they split very early on, despite me not...