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    Livery Nottingham

    Also have a look on Facebook pages 'livery and grazing in the East Midlands' & Horses for sale Nottinghamshire. A lot of the diy yards advertise on there.
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    Livery Nottingham

    Hi, Arnold area: Dairy Farm, Buckleap.Woodside Riding school, Broadview Riding School, the Old Rectory. All have websites :)
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    Best riding boots for kids

    Either really - as long as they have a good strong sole - if jod boots I'd pair them up with half chaps :)
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    Oh dear....

    He doesn't look as bad as you described :) - I would get on and use those hills to your advantage - walk out for the first week, walk, trot second week and just build up from 30 minutes or so and build it up. Do give him a small hand full of feed if that's part of your routine but no more until...
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    Best riding boots for kids

    I would suggest looking for second hand boots on the likes of ebay - you can get good branded leather jod boots or long boots on there for a fraction of the price new - ideal as little feet grow soo quickly.
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    What are 'the basics' in your opinion?

    I started to write an essay - but deleted it. In a nutshell - as others have said - you are always learning. Never assume you know it all. And above all - if you can feel but not see your heavy cob's ribs after winter he is not underweight or in the need of feeding up {head desk} :(
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    Adult Camp

    You could try Fairview Riding School at Blidworth - they have holiday accommodation - don't run camps as such but have helped friends with confidence issues :)
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    Going to two riding schools?

    Hi, My daughter rode my 14hh pony at 5 years old - on a very long lead rope - learning to turn and go around cones. The first riding school are taking the mick out of you - move on now before more money is wasted. If the child wants to learn they will - they will thrive with a good...
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    Meet Yogi

    He looks lovely :). I love Shetties despite and because they are/can be naughty little ponies :) our loan boy plays football with my tack box, runs under the electric fencing and has bitten me on the bum. Despite that he's a super confidence giver for my daughter and the biting thing is...
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    Tiny children competing

    I have seen some horrors in my time but there's a wee lad at our yard on a very good pony who's worth her weight in gold (he's 6 now and can do rising trot and small jumps without his mum) they have been to a show and he threw a tantrum because he couldn't do the round off lead. He's a cracking...
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    Metal curry combs

    Whilst I don't have one in my grooming kit I have a version of it with one row of teeth. Been teaching mini me how to use it - to the utter confusion of other girls on the yard :)
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    Horsey FB sites...

    I have seen some ads on a popular 'Previously loved' site recently and have tried to refrain from replying (okay failed in one). 1. Student with one acre wants horse or pony for free - don't worry though as she/he has funds for food but just can't afford to buy. 2. Part loan for unridden...
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    Titchy update. And what's next.

    What a lovely post :)