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    Full livery or at home?

    Great idea to see if you could tack out some additional - keeping them close to the house in summer and on tack in winter. Another option which i used to do was livery 6 months and home 6 months. So i'd get the use of facilities during the good months and then home to lay off during winter.
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    Blue at Fat Camp

    That was like me walking to the bin. *how the *&&^% did i eat this without even *&%$ing noticing*
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    Blue at Fat Camp

    I feel for him to be honest. I just ate an orange twirl without even realising Id done it and when i went to the packet it was empty. Imagine that. Id jump out of my field too if that happened to me. Poor dab :p
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    Do you think a dog could be happy if...

    Yes. This is a bit of a crazy question to me! My two terriers rarely get lead walked off the farm and quite frankly i wholeheartedly believe they get better exercise and fulfilment from their time out in the fields than they would on a lead walk. Its so enriching - sniffs, nibbles (poo its...
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    I give up...

    I live below a welsh stud and not one of those cobs from a-d ever wear a rug and every single year they cope and they arent loved personal pets. Your horse will be fine unrugged, if needs be.
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    The Great Livery Yard Debate

    I dont know your work situation obviously but it looks like we're staring down the nose of another lockdown, so you could take that one of two ways - stick with cheaper and better the devil you know option OR if you'll be at home more why not enjoy the far better sounding yard 2, which will...
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    WWYD -Livery Issues

    If you live by me and popped past to ask that I' be overjoyed! good luck xx
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    Fields now doggy day care

    I never bloody does though does it for the wrong-uns.
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    Does everybody use full necks on their horses now?

    I own a grey. I own sheep. I think that explains everything.
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    Dealer Yards DESPERATE HELP

    Which is exactly the kind of snark we need here whilst we all die inside from choosing the most expensive hobby in the history of the world.
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    Eventing venues in wales?

    Shame really isnt it? The perfect land for horse sports and there is a huge lack of high end facilities.
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    WWYD -Livery Issues

    Ah well done Dorsetladette, you handled this really well. We're all pleased for you. Sounds like the pony will already be treasured more by the new owner than the old. What any horse deserves.
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    Dealer Yards DESPERATE HELP

    Savage Sarah Mac, we like you. Stay a while...
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    Fields now doggy day care

    Oh yeah doing it properly is no mean feat but I bet most people havent bothered to do it properly!
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    Solo Hacking

    OP you're going to have so much fun! Enjoy x