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    Showing Gypsy Cobs under saddle - tack

    You’ll get away with black on a piebald easily. I’d imagine about 1.5inch would be perfect?! But if he’s got a larger head the 2 inch would suit. Either browband- the forelock will cover it anyway!
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    How much?!

    Surely this is just money laundering?!? 72k!! That’s a very smart Horsebox. Or a trunk.
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    Insurance: yes or no?

    My new horse is fully insured. That first year is the biggest risk ime. The other down to catastrophe cover. I still make all the choices but unfortunately I don’t have big savings enough I can be totally relaxed about it.
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    Bit of a random question but ... (water buckets)

    Mine is happy with dark auto waters- if they’re not too noisy. Then his next preference is blue. White is spooky unless he’s really thirsty.
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    Weekend plans?

    Love this horse. In the lead after phase 1 at sandringham so that’s every selection event dressage won. Not the best score and it’s a long marathon so we won’t maintain it come Saturday night but it is a 3 phase event and last two I’ve come from 3rd after day 2. Ground is firm and the carriage...
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    Are you cutting back on competing/training due to the cost of living?

    I’ve done 500 miles each way to Holland, 400 miles each way to Holland, a ‘local’ 40 mile one way, 450 miles each way to Scotland and 180 to wales. Now 100 miles from home at Norfolk. I’ve only just changed from an 100 mile each way commute to work. I’d planned mid France in august before the...
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    Finding a home for a horse with sarcoids.

    I would probably knock 25% off her value, if that tbh. But obviously that depends on the location and behaviour of the sarcoid. There’s people that won’t touch them with a barge pole- you won’t give her away to them, and others happy to take a gamble/don’t have the budget for what they want in...
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    Having a horse put down - Injection or Gun ?

    The whole point of sedation is there is no adrenaline rush..! In surgical patients these things are very closely monitored, and the same drugs are used.
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    Health cert

    Travel health cert is just is it fit to travel. Ie. Is it weight baring x4 and not terribly lame, does it have snot pouring out or a hole in its side. My vet does usually get us trotting up but it’s not a lameness assessment as such. Do the ppe first, after checking your insurance will accept it…
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    I’m looking at getting one (a Liverpool driving one) too…
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    Hairy or not and why not ?

    I don’t have time to maintain hair..! But then not sure Id be keen on monthly clipping either. I’d be unlikely to chose a very hairy one for my own.
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    Nails - DIY, groomer, vet?

    I must be a bad owner. Mine self trim 🙈
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    Showing in dressage tack

    I’d vote Hunter bridle
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    Have you ever had puppies?

    No chance! I can’t see how someone working could have time to do it justice. My dogs are ‘only’ pets too (and currently boys).
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    Backing a 16 year old? Would you?

    It could be done but I’m not time rich enough to want to put the time into something of that age.