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    Ivor Williams HB11 Advice Please

    It was the first batch of 511 and 506 off the production line (2008) that had the problems..Mould,Gas struts and Door mechanisms..So anything after then will have had the problems ironed out..My 2008 511 had to go back three times over all ,twice for mould and once for gas struts..Good trailers...
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    The HHO LGV (HGV) Info clinic

    Thanks ROG..Will have a look..
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    The HHO LGV (HGV) Info clinic

    Thank you ROG..Central training and Westcountry training do not seem to be operating now..
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    The HHO LGV (HGV) Info clinic

    ROG, please could i have some of your invaluable information... I am going to do my C1 test and wondered if you could recommend a training place in Devon or Cornwall...Got my Medical tomorrow and looking into booking my Theory/Hpt..The company i have looked at (Celtic Training seems really...
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    No sugar feed? Does it exist?!

    I feed my IR and Lami boy Speedi beet molasses free,Dengie Hi Fi Molasses free and Spiller Lite Balancer..He does very well on it and it is just under the 10% sugar/starch level.
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    Does the hunt, hunt near your horses?

    Yes,yes/no and yes/no..I have one seasoned hunt horse who couldn't care less but have one mare who i don't think has ever been and she goes nuts..Tried to jump a hedge with a fence on the top in one jump..failed completely and landed on a heap on the floor..luckily no broken bones..I have since...
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    A cushings and EMS double whammy!!

    Hi...I know where you are coming from..I have an Insulin Resistant Laminitic and it is the biggest learning curve ever to manage them.. If you are on Facebook at all check out a group called Equine Metabolic Syndrome (cushings,Laminitic and ppid)..Andrea and Karen are fantastic..
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    Most horses diets are lacking in Magnesium (not enough in forage/grass)..I feed CalMag from the Farmers shops..I use it for a Laminitic IR as it helps with getting rid off the fat deposits and is good for hind gut absorption..
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    Ifor Williams trailer maintenance Qs!

    Please check the tyres first before putting 60psi in them...My friend got a second hand trailer and went to put 60psi in it and it exploded..The previous owner had put normal car tyres on the trailer that held 35 psi.It will say on the tyre wall what the psi will be and it should say somewhere...
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    Why do people avoid Alfalfa ? Esp Barefoot people ?

    Sends my lad completely fruit is like a giving a kid blue Smarties..
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    Is social of livery worth putting up with bitchery vs own land

    Own yard/land..I prefer being on my own..I like to know that when i put a broom somewhere i know it will still be there the next morning..I'm not much of a people person as tending to speak my mind and have the knack of upsetting people so best i am on my own..Segregated from the horsey...
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    young cob drinking lots of water and eating lots

    That could be why he is drinking lots..Because of the dry hay.Mine are drinking lots and were on dry hay so I damped the hay for a couple of nights and they drank less.
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    young cob drinking lots of water and eating lots

    Is he fed on dry hay?.
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    Wintec gullets

    The pale pink gullet is from the Wintec Wide saddle and is a Xw meant for the Wintec Wide saddle...You can use the White xw in a Wintec wide but you cannot use the Wide Gullets (2xw,,3xw..4xw) in a normal Wintec saddle..
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    Shipping Containers as stables?

    Sorry but there seems to be some confusion over what a shipping container is..The photo's posted above are not of a shipping container but of a refrigerated unit that has come off the back of a lorry..A shipping container is a all steel construction and will sweat in summer and be like an ice...