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    Update from Ruby and I

    It's fantastic to hear such a lovely, positive update! Well done on getting her over her fear of the trailer, that was a big problem for me and my loan horse, so it's reassuring to hear other people's success stories :) And it's great that she's settled down at shows. We need to see some pictures!
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    Belated Dauntsey (2) report!

    Well done - Bog Pony sounds like a lovely chap :) You're right about the expensive part haha!
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    Mini & My Mare

    They look absolutely lovely together! She does sit very nicely :)
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    Can I start Pony club?

    You could definitely join! I didn't join Pony Club until I was 15, and I still really, really enjoyed it :D It might also be helpful for your horse because you'll probably do quite a variety of activities. As a previous poster said, Pony Club is more about learning and good horsemanship than...
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    Pleasing Pulborough-competition report!

    It sounds like you had a brilliant day, despite the awful weather!
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    Plan of action needed!

    The transformation is great, he looks so much better (and very cute)! Obviously you've made a great impression on the judges who've seen you, so you're doing something right! However, re: schooling, I would suggest finding some exercises which you think would keep him engaged while at the same...
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    Help me choose!

    I'm voting for the baltic blue or the green, it will look amazing on him - he's not too bright to be able to pull it off! Handsome lad by the way :) . The anthracite is perfectly nice, just the other two are far more striking.
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    Bridle for small, dainty head

    I have a Collegiate hunter bridle in cob sized for my Connie X, she's got a very small head and is quite dished, and I think it suits her really well!
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    Quick question - about hay, please ?

    Got nothing to add but omg I'm jealous, our hay is £7!!
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    Doing horses in Pjs

    The only time I've worn pjs to do the horses was on Pony Club camp, because we were on a competition yard and had to feed really early when they fed theirs :) If they're kept at home I can understand though, although it's not something I would do - I always wear pj shorts and I reckon I'd be a...
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    Hay help?!

    Thanks everyone for your advice! Yes, I would say I'm quite happy with her weight going into spring, she does tend to get a big belly rather than becoming 'fat' when the grass comes through! Unfortunately because the yard I'm on is in a suburban area there is very careful management of the...
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    Hay help?!

    I am soon going to be taking a horse on full loan. The horse in question is a 14.3/ 15hh Connemara X mare, 19 years old but not showing her age at all! Although I've known her for 2 years, I'm starting to worry about how much hay she needs - at the moment I would say she looks a good weight, I...
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    Doing the horses in work clothes....

    I go to the yard straight from school, and I often just put my boots on before skipping out - although I'm usually in jeans and a t-shirt, so it's not quite as obvious! :D
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    DIY Livery- what's included in the price at your yard?

    It's £35/ week where I am. This includes a stable with a small private "tack room" at the back for storage, turn out, and use of the floodlit school whenever :) We leave the morning feed and a wedge of hay outside our stables for the morning and the owner puts them in so that the horses don't...
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    Spillers! Have you no proofreaders?!

    Haha RLS!! That really takes the biscuit :P