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    Help** Numbers for Lucinda Green XC clinic **Lost mine

    I did the Downlands Equestrian 2 day only last week and I'm sure I have the paperwork at home. Watch this space!!!!!
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    Zara Phillips has new 4* star ride

    Does anyone know why the horse is no longer with Clayton???
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    How many horses do you all have ??

    I have two! 1 x Bay PRE (Andalusian) 1 x 17hh (huge) 2 nd half year old Spanish-Norman (Andalusian x Percheron) Down from 4 last year tho. Desperately miss owning a mini shettie. Anyone got one I can have???
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    Lucinda Green 2 day Clinic 2moro - Warminster Wilts

    Anyone Going. I have to be ready very early both days, 0815 thurs and wait for it....... 0730 for x-country friday. My poor boy will be going round with his jim jams on. Luckily I'm based at the venue but I feel sorry for anyone that has to travel there whose in the same group as me. I am...
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    Saddle For Andalusian? Any Idea??

    I have a PRE and he wears a Strada Dressage Saddle (formerly Michela Leng) and also a Strada jumping saddle. They are superb, not cheap but worth it. My friend who is a Master Saddler and who also owns Iberians (so fully understands their anatomy and physiollogy) made them both before the...
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    Lucinda Green clinic -I've got my times!

    Please let us know how you get on. I'm doing the 2 day at Downlands next week. I cant wait.
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    If he was yours, what would you do?!

    Dont touch his mane or his tail. I have a purebred and I never touch either. He gets a muddy mane but I wait untill its dry and then crumble it. I keep his body very clean but sometimes just leave his mane muddy. As long as he is fit and healthy, a bit of mud in his mane doesnt bother me.
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    Hovis' friday diary

    Absolutely brilliant! When is your book coming out Hovis
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    Has anyone bought an Andalusian from Spain?

    I think its 6 of 1 and half a dozen of the other really. There are more over here in UK now than there used to be so some prices over here are not over inflated and stupidly high. In some cases tho you will find a dealer over here offering quality PRE for 12 grand (£) when they prob imported...
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    Vets and Saddlers in/around salisbury

    Ok. I think Warminster/Frome would be too far away for you for vets then. If youre north of Salisbury then you might be better off with a vets from Winchester or Newbury then.
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    Vets and Saddlers in/around salisbury

    Hi there. Which side of Salisbury are you on as this can make quite a difference. Is it a saddlers you want or a saddler to maybe adjust a saddle you already have? My best buddy is a master Saddler who is an expert on side saddles to but she doesnt carry any second hand saddles.
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    Farrier Recomendations for Calne area of Wiltshire

    I use Martin Head, he's brilliant.
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    Katie Price marries her cage fighter in Las Vegas

    Good luck to them both I say. People are just jealous of her. let them and anyone else for that matter enjoy life while they can. If that means marrying once or a hundred times then so be it. I bet there are far worse people in this world than Katie Price. Her kids are happy and well looked...
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    Hovis' friday diary

    You should get yourself a solicitor post haste Hovis. Go to court and get an injunction to stop this violation!
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    Vets in South

    I had a quote from Francis and Jackson for a procedure and when my bill arrived it was double the quote. They hadnt added on to the quote all the extras. Couple of weks later I had another bill from them, it took me a couple of weeks to realise something was wrong so when I checked up they had...