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    Oh clever lad :D
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    Thanks, she's pretty adorable for the most part but a bit over dependent at times - in an ideal world she'd like to crawl under my skin lol. She's not a super confident dog at all tbf but water is definitely her element. Even she surprised me by needing a fair bit of encouragement at a dock...
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    I waited til we had some nice weather, put my shorts and flip flops on and went wading out til I was deep enough and called my spaniel. She was so ready to swim but just didn't have the braves for it. I'm the only thing she values enough to put fear aside bless her and out she came, she's still...
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    "You just need to ride her better"

    That's the sort of thing my old boss used to say to me. She could be a bit brutal and would bung up some mahoosive seeming warm up fences never mind the courses she used to send us round but bottling it was never an option and I always came away feeling like I could just jump the moon if I got...
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    Tik Maynard Clinic in Oxfordshire in August

    On those occasions she's probably on the forehand but light because she's not going forward and actually imo that's not a bad way to work in - a little long a little low and loose. Then though do you keep the lightness if pick her up a bit and ask her to vary the stride etc
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    Tik Maynard Clinic in Oxfordshire in August

    Feel is not a switch, you don't just have it or not, it grows and develops. I get the impression recently at least you have been taking on a lot of info from different sources and trying to put it in to practise which is great but it's not always appropriate all of the time. I'd guess you...
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    Laminitis, cushings & ems pony

    Oh bless him, I'd let him go - if he's not right enough to ride then he must be in a bit of pain most of the time and it's no life for a horse constantly in a cycle of being box rested, restricted food etc. He's 20 you owe him nothing, animals can only live in the now, so he can't think that if...
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    Let’s find a horse for SLH

    5'2 and brought up, backed and brought on my own 17hh from a yearling, more recently happily ridden anything from 13hh to 18hh (of stonking old fashioned warmblood). I'd go for it personally
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    Aaaarrrgggghhhhhhhh ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    I've had nothing useful to add to your previous posts but I've been watching, so glad for you that he's back <3 <3
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    Any idea how..

    I put some diesel soaked towels in my machine a while ago with some other clothes without realising and of course everything came out stinking. I think in the end I left everything on the line for a few days, did a washing machine clean on a hot cycle then rewashed it all on a long 40 cycle...
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    Best insurance route for riding a loaner

    For just 3rd party I'm a world horse welfare member, £52 For the year and I have full public liability cover
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    Need cheering up

    Oh gosh that's rubbish, however all things happen for a reason and if I'm reading right the head issues were not in relation to the actual fall itself and more of a coincidence (or perhaps it triggered something that was brewing). At least though it has happened here and not in Italy or perhaps...
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    Dressage PSG done!

    I've always maintained that any basically sound and sane horse ought to be able to do a medium test, the bits above that look complicated though :oops: But, if you've got from Prelim to PSG then it's only like doing the same again to get from PSG to GP in that case ;) ETA - Congratulations on...
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    Let’s find a horse for SLH

    But she knows your budget and thought she could sort you out with something suitable. It might be a friend's it might be a cross, it might be something she's had back for some reason, you don't know if you don't ask. You're assuming you can't afford it because you know what she breeds but...
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    Sprenger bits

    The Bomber range seems pretty good now too, I've used a couple of theirs and had good results