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    please give me an idea on pricing

    Thank you
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    please give me an idea on pricing

    Just a well fenced paddock next to their property
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    please give me an idea on pricing

    I have a five acre paddock, securely & safely fenced for horses - post & rail & hedges with rails in them. A neighbour wants to rent this on a yearly basis. What is a fair rent please? Notts/ Derbys border between M1 J27 & J28 I want to be reasonable but fair to both parties.
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    Fat little dog!!

    not been around for a while :)
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    Fat little dog!!

    Obese dogs is one of my boarding specialities. It is down to calorie intake & activity. In her current state she won't be active enough ot be fed for her ideal weight but will feel staved if fed that amount let alone less. I usually use naturediet wet food, fed to 10% below desired weight but...
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    Yorkshire terrier breeder?

    Try the breed clubs. As Well bred yorkies typically have small litters they are usually spoken for as sons as born so rarely advertised.
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    What are we missing in the equine industry?

    Licencing for livery yards and dealers.
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    Neutering puppies (or not)

    In one of my breeds which is prone to same sex aggression neutering can make the dog aggressive towards both genders.
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    Borzoi - lost west midlands

    The breed clubs & breed rescues are aware.
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    DIY Mounting block ideas

    Picnic bench. The sort where a table has a bench either side. They are only about £40 and do double duty.
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    Advice - pony tips water bucket..

    One of these & tie the handle to the wall. You can use a trug inside it.
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    Food advice please for miniature puppy

    Give skinners a call & they will send out sam[ple. They do some decent puppy foods & a couple less good but still better than Canin. Naturediet or forthglade would be good & easy as main feeds. I agree, don't leave food down. It makes housetraining problematic and it is easier to work with a...
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    Something you don't want to see

    So a years fodder ruined by someone else's negligence and you would have written it off. Glad you can afford to do this.
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    3rd Viewing

    fingers crossed for you/
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    Something you don't want to see

    Bales were intact three days earlier (professional photographer on site). Plenty of proof of horse at bales and no other horses with access plus, after I had put electric fencing to keep him off the stack, as owner went to catch him he reached over the post and rail & bit a bale on the other...