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    Vet practices taken over by big business

    What a load of rubbish. Pets, in particular horses, are a privilege not a right. If you cannot afford them, being of a lower income or unwilling to spend the money, don’t have them. Any vet practice will give you the price of a consultation if you ring up and ask. But to blame the veterinary...
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    Those on full livery...

    I have been on three “full livery” yards - do all jobs, and ride when you are not there. One was awful, would say they would do jobs then didn’t I.e put on walker, wash legs off etc. Didn’t last long there. The other was a large yard I was only on for a few weeks. Mainly young apprentices...
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    Clipping a horse on box rest

    Is he sweating up? If so I think I would consider it. Can always pop a light rug on if it gets colder.
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    Pictures Busting!

    When younger our ponies were subject to a Saturday of fun and games... which often included long hacks. On a particular Saturday my cob at the time had been on a hack for a few hours then we were on the yard bathing and plaiting the horses and he would not stand still. Normally he would stand...
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    Quarantine do people stil do it?

    No livery yards I have been on enforce quarantine. Bar one which as the horse had come straight from Ireland it had to be stabled for 48 hours which they called quarantine. Could still be ridden in the arenas and hand grazed, and was in the American barn with everything else.. when asked what...
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    Euthanasia thoughts?

    A month too early is better than a day too late. Without sounding unemotional, he won’t have the fear of death if you take him to be PTS, when we wait for them to be collapsed or in pain, they know they are fearful of death. I’d consider his quality of life everyday and if you ever have a...
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    Yard owner doesn't let us use trailer locks!?

    I have had a trailer stolen. It had locks on, there was CCTV of it being stolen, followed all protocols of reporting etc. The insurance tried every way possibly to get out of it! So definitely lock up and be aware that insurance may ask if you if there any signs of ‘forced entry’, apparently...
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    Worst thing the cat's done.

    Bring a full size rat into the house. Kill “our” robin :( Put on lots of weight by eating round the neighbours and making it very embarrassing to take them to work.
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    Hunting and Equine flu

    Yes it would. Whilst they are not multi million pound industries people’s livelihoods depend on horses being able to compete and hunt. If worst case scenario transport is ceased for a few weeks these are some of the ‘smaller guys’ that could take a hit: Grooms preparing and doing second horses...
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    The Lepto debate.

    Barely any money though! For example neutering at our local practice (not mine) is £135 for a spay in a 10-20kg dog. For this operation to take place you need to hire vets to operate on the dog, nurses to do your anaesthesia and monitor it on recovery/all day, receptionists to answer any...
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    The Lepto debate.

    If you had quoted my whole post then you would see that I do not discredit these *could* be direct reactions or even deaths linked to the vaccine, but when compared to the thousands of animals getting vaccinated everyday it is a tiny minority yet people choose to just see that. Again the reason...
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    The Lepto debate.

    Of course you do ha! And the vets are only vaccinating to make animals sicker so they get more money. After all that’s what it all about eh? Let’s ignore the fact veterinary has one of the highest suicide rates for a profession. The annual vaccination appointments barely cut even when...
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    The Lepto debate.

    Your unvaccinated animals might be fine, but it’s likely that is down to herd immunity. If we all stop vaccinating I’m sure there will be more cases. Not vaccinating against Parvo is risky not only to your dog but others too. I have been unfortunate to see unvaccinated dogs with parvovirus...
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    Removeable Towbars.....are they safe to tow with?

    Just be aware a removable tow bar may have a different towing weight and you want to keep safely below that. I believe there was an incident in which one snapped whilst towing just over 3 tons, afterwards it was realised whilst the vehicle could tow this, the tow bar could actually only take 2...
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    No place for live-and-let-live in an intolerant world; will hunting survive?

    Agree with this ten times over. Sabs are brilliant at PR online: editing videos, putting together tangible stories out of odd bits and crowd funding/making their followers feel included. People love sharing things on social media but often fail to fact check them. The classic being a missing...