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    Need help and advice

    Post deleted as can't post the video
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    horse insurance which is a good one

    I'm looking to insure my horse and have been looking around at a few. SEIB have come up with the best quote and KBIS a few pounds behind. I have heard of both but just wondered if anyone has insurance with them? if you have had to claim ? where they ok ? are they good to deal with ? Any...
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    Cooper's Fly Repellent Plus

    I was told they stopped doing it.
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    Help me identify this bridle?????

    Yes it is a George Moore
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    Combination / lever noseband

    After some issues with brakes on my horse someone has suggested using a combination noseband. Not ever using one before (I know how they work and all that) I just need to know how it should be fitted correctly. ie: loosely or tight
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    Advice on horse with Parrot mouth

    No problems with his teeth as only had them done in January. Think I might try him just in a cavason and if he's opening his mouth too much will just try a flash. Someone has suggested I try the Micklem bridle. His mouth must be pretty bad as when I took him to the last MK 3DE on the trot up...
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    Advice on horse with Parrot mouth

    He is in a loose ring Neue schule verbindend snaffle bit. I might try him with just a cavason. I just put him in the Grackle as that was what he was in when I bought him.
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    Advice on horse with Parrot mouth

    I have a DR cooks bridle which I use on my mare. I have tried it on him and he is really good with his mouth and does not open it but just leans on it big time and I don't have very good brakes.
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    Advice on horse with Parrot mouth

    My boy has a really bad parrot mouth, which does not effect him in anyway IE: eating When ever we are out competing/hunting he can pull and he bites his tongue and we end up with loads of blood around his mouth. I have him in a Grackle nose band as he does like to open his mouth. My...
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    Head camera

    I'm looking to buy a head camera but have no idea how many GB I will need, I don't want to go and spend a fortune on one with loads if I don't need it. My question is: Anyone with a head cam how many GB do you have. I only want to record my XC's so don't need it to record for hours but in the...
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    Loaner owing money

    Thanks. He got off the lorry, shouted his head off to my two mares and that was it, like he had not been away. Mind you the way he flew on the lorry I think he was pleased to be coming home.
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    Loaner owing money

    I too feel sorry for the YO she didn't ask for this any more than I did. Lets hope the silly cow did pay up when I left. It's people like this that give loaners bad names and puts people of loaning.
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    Loaner owing money

    HE IS HOME Thank you everyone for you time to reply to me. I had him in the lorry loaded and away in under about 2 mins of arriving. I was taking no chances. The loaner was there waiting for me so I just throw all his stuff in the back of the lorry went and got him and just walked out to the...
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    Loaner owing money

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I have been out all day so only just caught up on this post. The girl that has my horse on loan is the one telling me they won't let him off the yard till the bill is paid so I don't really know if the YO is going to cause any problems or if it's just this...
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    If a riding hat has taken a knock...

    Be very careful when people or shops say they can test or repair hats. I work in a saddlers and no you can not test or repair hats apart from what henmother has already said. I had someone come into the shop the other month with a hat that had deep scraps in it. She was wanting to buy a new...