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    Competing at the GYS

    Great info, thanks a grooming bag water bottle will be added to my list. I’m intending on having as many folk as possible from yard standing twirling umbrellas and pushing pushchairs round our arena for a good spot of desensitisation before we go.
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    Competing at the GYS

    Fab, thanks so much! Can the public access the stables area or are they closed off? Im already far too overexcited about it all!
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    Competing at the GYS

    After much humming and haaaing, I’ve decided to take the baby boy to the GYS for the PB CB class and Hunter Breeding 2yr old class. I’m aware we’ll likely be hopelessly outclassed, but I’m willing to spend the money to come last (and it’s an excuse for me to buy a new better fitting tweed, don’t...
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    What happens to our horses if there is a WW3?

    If it really goes to poop, we’d have approx 20mins warning of the warhead coming our way according to the article I’ve just read. My anxiety is through the roof today.
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    Hi viz for hacking

    V-Bandz products are great, I’ve got a few things from them and would happily buy more. Equisafety as a company can get in the nearest bin.
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    Recurrent abscess burst through coronet

    Speaking as someone who’s got a horse who’s been stuck on the abscess merry go round for the best part of 3yrs and is now approx £10k poorer for the experience. X-ray X-ray X-ray….keep poulticing, keep in touch with your farrier and keep it as clean as you possibly can. Even if you think it’s...
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    Carpet gallop as a top up on Flexiride?

    You may want to search the Equestrian scammers FB page for them before parting with any cash.
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    How do you decide what to buy…!?

    He’s lovely! My new guy did this when I went to see him. Wasn’t a difficult decision 😂
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    How Much Do You Spend At The Vet A Month ? 😳

    I qualify for my vets ‘large client’ discount, I only have 2 horses.
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    What to do when there is not turnout HELP!!

    How long is your turnout going to be restricted for? If it’s a few days to let the fields dry up then stick with it. Hang up a few small holes haynets round your stable to encourage your horse to move around. Invest in a treat ball and buy cheap as chips ulcer friendly nuts for it. Walk out in...
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    Breeders Scotland

    Friends of mine have bought from him. What you see is what you get, if you’ve a good eye, you could pick up a cracker for a good price. I had been planning on a trip down to him, but a youngster came up closer to home.
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    Breeders Scotland

    Brackenbrae Cleveland bays are lovely.
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    Rehab for horse with fractured tibia

    Thanks, unfortunately the closest to me seem to be about a 4hr drive away. :(
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    Rehab for horse with fractured tibia

    I’m resurrecting this to ask how your rehab went OP? I’ve got a yearling with a fractured Tibia tuberosity currently on box rest. His follow up x-rays are next Friday, I’m really hoping he can come off box rest asap.
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    Gyspy vanners

    Love a hairy. As for ‘having no use’ this girls brings me endless joy.