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    more neglect :-(

    Xxx So sad isn't it.
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    more neglect :-(

    Sorry hun xxx
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    more neglect :-(

    Your a star thank you xxx
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    more neglect :-(

    Just seen this on Facebook. Im too far away in south wales but can anyone help!/story.php?story_fbid=10153824106240713&id=721565712&ref=m_notif&notif_t=share_reply Sorry guys edited to say does contain upsetting images xxxx
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    stressed. 2nd scan today

    No baby but a nice big follicle. Vet recons at least 19/20 days so she went straight up tonight to be covered so fingers crossed
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    stressed. 2nd scan today

    Thanks guys. Feeling even more gutted now. Have bought a in foal mare before and had a cracking foal but this time is the first time I've bred from the start so really trusted my vet to give me the best advice :( they are good repo vets too :( No news at the mo still waiting for them to arrive :(
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    stressed. 2nd scan today

    My mare has her second scan today. First one didn't go brilliantly, vet was 98% sure that the blob on the screen was a foal but as it was quite far up she was conserned it might be a follicle. So we booked in a scan for 21 days which brings us up to today. Have brought her in and she...
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    Coloured stallion 'Mars'

    My friend and boss owns a stallion by mars called mudlin orinocco. My mare was covered by him this year and she has her first scan tomorrow
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    zephyrs matchy matchy

    took my baby too his 2nd sj show and he had a 2nd and a 3rd :D Treated him to new boots and kit as hes such a good boy :D Jumping
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    Selling Older Horses -Anyone Else Bothered By This?

    Weve just bought my brothers sec a x back. they were selling her as a riding pony at the grand of age of 27 :(
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    First Dressage party

    So happy today, took my 4yr old, meadmoor zephyr to his first dressage competition. It was also his first ever show under saddle :D Ive owned him since he was a yearling and I broke him myself and until 4 weeks ago we were both happy just plodding around the farm but due to no facilities (last...
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    Me and my Danny boy at the RWAS winter fair

    was chuffed especially in the sports horse class :D
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    Me and my Danny boy at the RWAS winter fair

    So proud, not bad for a horse that nearly died at 4months Monday was the coloured class . There were 7 of us in the class and we came 7th. The judge said he was less mature than the rest but his behavour was amazing so I was chuffed :D and we had a light blue rosette Tuesday was sports horse...
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    RWAS winter fair

    Anyone going? What you taking So excited taking my special boy Danny for the yearling coloured and sports horse classes. I just feel so honored to be there after nearly loosing Danny last year
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    Who is in south wales?

    meeeee :D