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    OBOS quality 004/ Killaloe Blase

    Hi, I can find a fair bit of info on OBOS quality but not for the dam Killaloe Blase. Does anyone know of her or any info/experience on both would be great. Thanks very much
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    Has anyone heard of the stallion Master blade please?

    Hi has anyone heard of the stallion Master blade, I believe german? Thanks very much
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    Best Ulcer supplement and calmer please

    Hello looking for suggestions My horse was diagnosed with grade 4 ulcers (literally had barely any symptoms) He's had 8 weeks of treatment and on second scope the ulcers are 65% better so that's a good sign. He is having another 4 weeks treatment, has haylage throughout the day and grass...
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    Cubbing in Cornwall

    Just seen the bottom part of your reply thank you! Happy to travel a bit further, I was told that each hunt does different things? So wanted something easy and nice for my first times out, my horse is very forward! :)
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    Cubbing in Cornwall

    Thank you so much for your help, much appreciated. Do I have to go with them or can I chose another? Happy to travel a bit further. Not sure how it works with location if you get a choice? thanks again :)
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    Cubbing in Cornwall

    Thank you, I live near Truro not sure what options there are
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    Cubbing in Cornwall

    I'm a complete hunting novice. Looking to go cubbing in Cornwall, is this only in week days? And where/how do I go about going please?? Thanks in advance
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    Sales livery for hunters Southwest

    I'm in Cornwall but happy to travel for the right yard. That would possibly be ok badminton way thank you.
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    Sales livery for hunter Southwest

    Hi, looking for recommendations for sales livery to send a hunter, southwest area. Not interested in showjumping need to be somewhere that hunts, professional yard. Thank you
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    Sales livery for hunters Southwest

    Hi can anyone recommend a professional yard southwest area that I can send a hunter for sales livery. Needs to be hunted not looking for showjumping. Thank you
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    Sales livery for hunters near Southwest

    Hello,could anyone recommend somewhere for sales livery for a hunter based Southwest no further up than Bristol. I want to send a horse to sales livery as a hunter, so must be hunted. Looking for professional, kind rider with top care. Thank you