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    Advice please

    Having just come off working livery, that sounds a lot like the yard wanting more money out of you. Sounds very familiar.
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    An early "Next weekend" thread - a hot one!

    Meant to be taking ridiculous boy to a clinic, but I’ve got the dreaded Covid, so I’ll have to see if I’m feeling better.
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    Taking my horse to uni

    Maths. Was about 30 hour of lectures a week, and then another 20 or so of worksheets/assignments. I still had plenty of time to do social stuff, and I’ve never been much of a drinker, so I wasn’t sad to miss out on all the clubbing fun.
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    Taking my horse to uni

    I took mine to Uni. I did a very full on, busy course. Rode 3/4 times a week, did social things and still had plenty of time for my pony. it helped that I could afford to have him on full livery though. I’d 100% do it again.
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    For those with Welsh Sec D's.

    Mine is early twenties, had her 11 years. She is the stupidest creature you'll ever meet, but very willing and very sweet.
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    Do guys look bad in breeches?

    In the nicest possible way, people won't be looking at you. They'll be concentrating on their own stuff (or cooing over your horse). Wear whatever you find most comfortable.
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    Rio Eventing thoughts

    For 4 very experienced eventers to ALL mess up on the XC is just incredibly embarrassing.
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    literally don't know what to do... ideas please.

    Everyone around here has 8ft high deer proof fencing to try and stop the b***s jumping into the fields. It's pricey, but works wonders at keeping my escape artist in.
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    Olympics Opening Ceremony - anyone staying up?

    They're replaying it tomorrow morning, so I'll probably just watch it then.
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    Olympics streaming?

    Well then you'll have to suck it up and buy a tv licence like the rest of us. Then you can watch it all live on the BBC website. My friends at Uni have payed for one specifically to watch the Olympics (and they're typical students with zero money).
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    Horses and GCSES

    I didn't find my GCSEs that hard... So yeah, I jut carried on as normal (maybe rode them slightly less during actual exam time, but hey seemed to enjoy having a couple of quieter weeks).
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    Rio 2016 - how to watch equestrian sports

    Nope. BBC are doing the Olympics, Channel 4 are doing the Paralympics (as it was in 2012).
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    So demoralised :(

    Maybe you're just not as good as you think you are? No shame in that, but maybe you need more practice riding a range of horses.
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    Could I ride an 11.2hh pony?

    Zombie thread alert!
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    Please can I ask for everyone's help, we may lose our grazing :(

    This is why, sadly, you can't rely on rented land. If you want security, you have to buy it.