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    Pictures All the cool kids.

    They look unbelievably cute though...that's all that matters, right..?! 🀣🀣😍😍
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    Expecting an exciting delivery...

    Ooooh she's rather nice, congratulations ❀
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    Pictures I cannot believe I am posting this - RIP Arizona

    I'm so very sorry for your loss. What a devastation this must be for you, huge hugs xxx
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    Would you cover their vet bill?

    I'm rarely speechless but seriously, wtaf..??!!!! In what way would you have " given your horse what for"..??!! You seem to think people are getting dumb about horses and dogs where as I personally am genuinely disturbed by the "we've always done it this way" of the most...
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    Gone native

    He's rather lovely, congratulations ❀
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    Horse hunting is for the birds

    Ooooh I like him..!!!!! Well done..!!! What's his breeding??
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    Blue at Fat Camp

    That's great news GS, he's a really gorgeous guy too 😍
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    Need reassurance - am I doing the right thing?

    Have a good chat with your instructor and then go with your GUT feeling.....never ignore it. He sounds like a lovely horse that you have become attached too but having children definitely makes you more aware of your own mortality. It sounds to me that being alone when it happened spooked you...
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    Goodbye Bob

    Awww Peter, so very sorry for your loss....Bob sounds like he was an amazing boy xxx
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    365/24/7 Turnout

    Not everyone HAS to have 24/7 turnout but horses being stabled for more than half of the day is a welfare issue in my personal opinion. Alot of people just fetch in overnight etc and I don't see an issue with that but so many people seem to believe it's acceptable to leave horse in a box for...
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    Has anyone seen my little colt?

    Wow, he's fantastic 😍😍😍😍
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    My beautiful Lulu…just checking in.

    Gorgeous 😍
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    A Summer of Scarlett

    Oh sh1t :(
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    Tricky abscess advice please!

    Aww I'm glad you have it sorted....they don't do things by halves do they πŸ™„πŸ™ˆ
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    A Summer of Scarlett

    Keeping everything crossed for you but I can see that the vetting is merely a formality 🀣🀣 So pleased for you that you have a horse you can be excited about again....she's a real cracker by the looks of her πŸ˜€