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    Is it just me counting the days & hours till this heatwave is supposed to end??

    Unbearable, we are tinder dry in Suffolk, not a blade of grass to be seen and there was a field/hedge fire locally, I think a couple of weeks ago. Anyone who follows me on FB knows I had to put up tarps and blankets over the front of the house for the 40C days because it's so badly designed...
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    Exercises to Develop and Improve the Thoracic Sling

    Celeste's master class is delivered in a FB group, we have discussed it very recently on here if you search :). There is no free content, if you'd like to get a feel for her search for podcasts she's been on. To me she's the ultimate - the course is not a "do this, do that", it's broken down...
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    Should I get back on this horse?

    There are other choices to either walking in hand or jumping on and riding - step it up and do some in hand Le Trec, Horse Agility, fun stuff on the ground....or, do proper groundwork to lift his thoracic sling so that you HELP him carry you, and then once he's in a better position to carry a...
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    Wintec replacement girth straps. Synthetic or leather?

    Leather, harder wearing, but remember to condition (not oil) them.
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    Scraping when hosing - not outdated after all?

    Evaporation, not even keeping the water running over them, is a really rapid way to cool them, far better than scraping. The water does get hot, but it's evaporating cooling the skin underneath.
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    Harrow or poo pick?

    I would harrow if you can rest, but if you have the space compost and then spread the manure. Not putting organic material back on grazing will deplete the soil, and it's what we've done for the last 30 years.
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    Reviews of Wow Free Space girth?

    This particular saddle ended up half way up this Luso's neck, the rider sitting on the back, and because a physio then got involved too it was up on 2 thick layers of prolite, despite the fact it was fitted with a shimmed Mattes pad. He was SO much happier when I moved the saddle back and put...
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    Reviews of Wow Free Space girth?

    Tightening nosebands, putting girths on different straps...these things have big effects and imo shouldn't be done by a trainer unless it CLEARLY fixes a very real problem. I've said it before Manolo Mendez once put one of my saddles on 2 and 3 straps instead of 1 and 3 as he hates point...
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    Safety irons for endurance and small feet

    The 90 degree bit is really important to me when advising customers, there are tons of options that don't have it. It makes no sense to me, it saves cost but some of these are eye wateringly expensive for things that aren't so necessary.
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    Safety irons for endurance and small feet

    Great thanks, I had non-hinged MDCs back in the day but they were heavy, they look great (though still searching for the holy grail of a true safety stirrup!)
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    How do we get planning approved, can't see anything specifically about a recent change but this stuff (q and e) isn't easy to Google for!
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    How do we get planning approved

    By definition Class Q conversions, which is what you're speaking of, have limitations as do all permitted development rights. You have to retain the original skin/frame, you won't be able to extend and yes, will likely have limitations on windows etc etc. The barn also has to have been used...
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    Reviews of Wow Free Space girth?

    They should be asking about it, there is no reason to think it would be unsafe especially if it's clearly made by Wow and not some random company. Just telling someone they don't like it and to crank it up is less than helpful.
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    Safety irons for endurance and small feet

    Thank you, I'd forgotten about those, not quite safety ones but they should help with leg stability, she has hinged stirrups which by definition don't help with stability as they throw our proprioception completely!
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    Safety irons for endurance and small feet

    Thank you, they don't have the 90 degree slot though which I think is important for leg position/relaxation :)