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    Lavinia Mitchell/Balance Saddles?

    LM/Balance are aimed primarily at building healthy muscle on "normal shaped" horses, in fact they started out with TBs with high withers who classically lose muscle very easily and are often fitted too wide. The saddles will sit well on some wider horses, but not all. I run this group on FB...
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    WWYD? - Three trusted professionals with three different opinions

    That does sound like a classic barefoot rehab possibility, they are all related but all can be improved or even fixed, from anecdotal evidence, good luck.
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    Saddle question

    I fit mostly GPs as most people can only afford one saddle, and depending on how good a fit you can find for the rider, many riders can compete to half decent levels in one saddle. I would see what your fitter can find, see how they fit the rider for both flatwork and jumping, and definitely...
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    White hairs under saddle area

    Actually most white marks do go with the next coat change. I think this could be a good explanation though, could be heat. Much more common and easy to identify. Not uncommon in treeless saddles that the bars (or riders seatbones) cause pressure points. I even had a customer get white hairs...
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    White hairs under saddle area

    Horses change shape at any age, they even change between morning and night! Worth getting your saddles checked at least every 6 months, every 3 months is ideal, especially for younger horses or remedial fits (would be a minimum for most remedial fits ie where there has been damage to the back etc).
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    White hairs under saddle area

    In ten years I've not come across that but it would concern me, has the horse ever had white hairs before? Could you take a photo and post it? I would guess that perhaps you have a slight movement forward and back, but I've yet to see that cause this issue.
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    Kent & Masters gullets vs Bates

    Because they are different shapes at the top, and the trees are different shapes, sitting the heaplates at different heights in many cases, it's impossible to say that going for the same angle will be correct, I would err on the side of wider in the TG/K&M as the shape is so narrow at the top...
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    M2M saddle eBay? Thoughts?

    I don't hear major issues with Ideal saddles (like many brands you get what you pay for, they are far from expensive for bench made leather saddles) but as you don't know what shape the horse will be...even if you did...just find a good fitter and work with them, tell them your budget and see...
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    Patent cavesson noseband or plain? Kent and Masters s-series of Thorowgood T8 dressage saddle

    Hold fire, then still work with a saddle fitter to find what fits both you and the horse, the odds of the TG fitting are slim overall as each saddle only fits a narrow range of horses and riders.
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    Have I bought the wrong saddle!?

    Document everything in an email to the fitter to keep her up to speed. If you keep the saddle for a month then you have fewer rights to return, so let her know you suspect a possible issue. Odemas are tricky, they usually have an area of pressure adjacent, if on the back of the withers I would...
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    Saddle fit and the young horse

    A fitter friend has recently had someone try to throw a saddle back and get a refund and part of her reason is that she had 4 saddle adjustments in just under 2 years. Unbelievable lack of understanding of how, and how much, horses change shape. The SMS now recommend a check every three...
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    Saddles for trad cobs - recommendations?

    In my experience if the tree is fitted where it should be, with the tree points 3 fingers behind the back edge of the shoulder blade, then the shape of the tree is more important than if the points are swept back.
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    Saddles for trad cobs - recommendations?

    Thank you MJR2BT!
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    Saddles for trad cobs - recommendations?

    You don't need a 17" and going that large means you have to deal with more wither, I would go for 16" in a saddle that has decent space (a Fylde Hayden for instance rides like a 15") and keep it back off the wither, the flat rails in a flatter tree are the benefit, they give stability and...
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    where to purchase Barrie Swain semiflex saddle.

    Try Claire Marshall, Plateau Holistic Equestrian, she fits them and carries some used stock.