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    I hate this new forum layout

    I agree - i absolutely hate it - i really enjoyed coming on here now its getting on my nerves.
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    Advice please before I travel for 2 hours!

    Agree with LHS it doesnt ring true at all to me. But if you did take him on then hacking is excellent to build - you can school whilst out on a hack and i usually get better results than in the school! Ask him to work in an outline (working forward in an outline not pulled in) try some leg...
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    Ages & Heights for BS(JA)

    Thanks for the detailed reply that all makes sense !
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    Ages & Heights for BS(JA)

    Just a query - when i rode bsja as a junior i had a 148 pony until i was 16 years old. Now i ride as a senior on a 16'3 horse. Are the rules literally that under 16s ride 148s and under and after the age of 16 you move into horses over 148cm? I wondered if ever an under 16 year old can ever...
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    wardrobe prep

    Hi if your going for the whole spectrum of shows i would go for white/cream jods/ long leather boots / shirt with stock and pin. Show jacket and hat. I would try and match the hat with the jacket ie blue and blue or black and black. Also gloves & hairnet.
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    Suppling exercises?

    Try spiralling in and out on circles in walk and trot. Shoulders in/ out. Transitions (meaningful forward ones!) Serpentine 5 loops with changes from walk to trot in different places. If i think of any more i will let you know.
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    What do you think of this advert?

    honestly thats a nice little horse but i wouldnt pay that money for a 16yo of that type esp being not a nov ride - max i would say for a horse like that £500 -800?
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    Isnt there a market for safe horses any more?

    Do you have a link to the ad?
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    Loan horse....sods law!!

    When i got loaners i used horsemart and stabletalk and was inundated with people that were interested (not all suitable mind you!) But lots of people to choose from.
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    Hi - My friends Husky escaped last night and they are beside themselves trying to find her - she is a 5 year old grey/white siberian husky - please please contact me if anyone hears anything - many thanks x
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    BD tests - buying e-copies?

    Yes You can download them and print them off from there.
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    Insurance when travelling 16.3 horse in HB506

    I dont know 100% but trailers give recommended heights not compulsory limits - im sure ther arent any laws or stipulations stating you cant carry a horse 1 inch higher on the withers. My 16'1 horse is bigger overall other than withers than my 16'3 so it would be open to so much controversy if...
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    Odd advert pictures

    What in gods name would posess you to use that pic - does that horse do that so often that they can get a camera ready and take pics?
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    Window shopping is dangerous!

    He is gorgeous - if i was looking i would be tempted.
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    Ebay Weirdos !

    Okay so i listed a top to sell - plenty of pics etc then i immediately get an email saying can i see a pic of the shoulders/neck & face - so i sent a clear one up the neck and they now they are asking to see the face - WTF!!! im not selling myself just the top the bloomin freaks!