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    welsh section D

    They are nuts and a nightmare to train!!��
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    Riding many horses Vs one horse

    I have been very lucky in the past year in that I've had a lot of nice horses to ride daily, now circumstances have changed and I probably want to get out of working with horses alltogether and maybe just potter about occasionally on my one horse. The trouble is, now I am only riding the one...
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    Advertising Broodmare

    May be too late but i would try and advertise her now then if she did sell, the owner could use whatever stallion they liked on her ready for next year.. Then new owner could pick up at weaning?
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    Broken youngsters?

    Apart from anything else I think a lot of people buy horses with no ideas or aporeciation of how the horse was raised and brought up. Horses are bred like battery hens in Ireland and Europe and then bought over here to be sold as 4/5 year olds and no one has any idea of their background, how...
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    Event Horse Training Regime

    I hear you, espec re heavier warmblood types-it's just that I feel that different types of work - I.e fast walk hacking up and down the hills is better for them rather than 3x 45 min drilling in the school to sweating point 3 times a week, week in, week out.. On top of fast canter work every...
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    Event Horse Training Regime

    Interested to read TableDancers/tricksibell replies-for me it would be about getting the horse as fit as possible but, at the same time, putting the least miles on the clock as possible- as horses are precious fragile animals and have limited use. I don't have the background in producing...
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    What to do with this horse (rehab of competiton horse)

    I would probably try for a couple of months doing everything I could to relieve the back/sacro soreness and to build up the back muscles. I would hire a H wave machine or get a physio to h wave him every two weeks ( this is about the only thing that can get anywhere near relieving deep muscle...
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    Opinions on this 3yo stallion?

    I think he is nice enough but pretty ordinary in the grand scheme of things, and he is a typical furstenball in that the trot is not particularly amazing. Furstenball himself was an amazing stallion but his progeny have been a little disappointing - certainly good enough to do well at dressage...
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    Is it my advert? The price or something else?

    She looks a fab bargain - but you do have to always always have a lot of good photos up on any advert. Lots of good photos will always attract buyers. Get a pro photographer out to take good flat and jump photos, take this advert off , advertise her again at £5,000 with plenty of fab photos & I...
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    Best XC schooling venues in Hampshire

    Ooh merry- at sparsholt?! a proper XC schooling complex/ course? I know that they ve always had a few logs and tyres etc but didn't know that they had upgraded things, is it def open to the public?
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    Teaching a 'know it all!' eventer flying changes- ideas please

    What about breaking everything down to the beginning- doing religious, regular transitions from counter canter to a few walk steps, softening and relaxing the walk ( do a walk circle with lots of counter flexion& softening if he won't relax in the walk ) before asking for a walk to canter trans...
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    Best XC schooling venues in Hampshire

    Dene farm XC near Stockbridge? RockBourne ride and Larkhill in nearby wilts.
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    Jump/dressage saddles for short riders

    I bought mine for £750 second hand- in super condition , found it on preloved. As I had already tried out a friends equipe to see if it fitted, ( it honestly seems to fit most horses incredibly well) so I never got a fitter out. My mare is incredibly fussy and she'd have me on the floor if it...
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    Jump/dressage saddles for short riders

    Hey I'm mega short legged as well- and love my Equipe Synergy and I find a lot of jump saddles very difficult to sit on because of my short legs, but the Synergy is fab.. I'm trying to track down a second hand Equipe Emporio dressage saddle to buy as well. I found that my equipe jump saddle...
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    X-ray results :(

    Would it be worth referring to a more specialist vet ? Which practise are you with?