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    which wellies would you recommend?

    I have Le Chameau and they are fantastic, warm comfy and should last for many years :D
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    What do you pay for livery??

    so ours is quite a bit more expensive than your two's. I wonder what others are paying?
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    is something wrong?

    yeah get someone to look at it!! does anyone on your yard use a physio? :D
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    is something wrong?

    tweaked his back?
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    playing with other dogs advice please

    Hi everyone, well I've not been in here or on HHO for a while! Pickle is now a gorgeous 2 year old and is adorable in every way, she is fab with our friends kids, is obedient and ADORES her Daddy..... and I think this is where the problem lays. Hubby takes her to work with him most...
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    OMG Clayton Fredericks Burghley XC

    I have just watched Claytons, Sam's and Will's falls and I have to say that Will's made me cry. I do think that some of you are being hard on Clayton, jeez he hit that floor at great speed, in fact when he first sits up he wobbles, like he is going to pass out. He looked totally disorientated...
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    My farrier is soooo rude!

    I tried to ring my farrier a few Saturday afternoons ago as my mare has twisted her shoe so badly she couldn't put her foot down, he didn't reply but it was the weekend and fair enough in my opinion, I ended up having to call my emergency vet out to get it off. My farrier is great and he came...
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    Messing about when it comes to mounting

    put the mounting block in front of a wall so they can't move off! lots of praise when you get on and slowly move the block back as she gets better.
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    Be careful - Tying up/Azutoria

    Thanks Aran, I didn't look at Saracen feeds I must admit. I will have a look at your link though for the future. I spoke to Dengie feeds yesterday and my mare is now going to be on Alfa A Mollases free with Naff Selenium & Vit E supplement and Dengie Performance Vitamins, she should have more...
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    Be careful - Tying up/Azutoria

    I am sure your mare will be fine if you ensure that she has a startch/sugar free or very low diet and do things very slowly. All you can do is your best, if its going to happen then often there is nothing you can do to prevent it. Just be aware of the symptoms and if you are worried then act...
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    sprenger kk ultra bit. Any good?

    My girl goes really well in her kk, I used to use it for schooling only but now I have 2 and use them all the time :D
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    Be careful - Tying up/Azutoria

    Thank you for that link, I'm going to read it now :D My vet was passing the yard today and popped in to see how she is. Her quarters are still really quite hard and look almost fluid filled :confused: the vet said that it was too be expected and it would go down with time. I've started...
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    Be careful - Tying up/Azutoria

    this is just my understanding of it!! it is a build up of lactic acid in the muscles and this makes the muscles spasm, like us having bad cramp. It tends to start at their back ends and the toxins can permanently damage the muscles. They are not sure what always causes it but too much high...
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    Be careful - Tying up/Azutoria

    Thanks Mrs M, I havn't heard of Shape Up, I will have a look at it. I was planning on feeding Alfa A Oil which is recommended for horses prone to tying up and i've ordered some Naff supplement which has Vit E and Selenium in it and of course keeping her on hay rather than haylage. I was...
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    Be careful - Tying up/Azutoria

    Thank you, i should of said that the vet is going to retest her bloods in 2 weeks before we even consider riding. I have found out that her levels were literally off the scale, I don't have a level as they were that high :( i'm going to speak to the vet again today, I did leave him a message...