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    NI peeps - new horsey show on BBC

    it was really good. its available on i player too!
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    Death of Benny Kuehnle

    yep app he hung himself in cavan at the show
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    Blenheim on TV???

    Is xc day and SJ on BBc this weekend does anyone know??
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    My Something Special- LW Hunter mare?

    Has anyone come across lightweight hunter bay mare- 9 yr old- about 16.2hh. Irish bred by Cornea Eagle. Her name is My Something Special. I used to own her and I am trying to trace her. Last I heard a lady called Anna Brew in Isle of Man owned her but was trying to sell her. She had some ties...
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    Hickstead RIHS - Who's going?

    Ill be down on the saturday and sunday as staying over with friends on the saturday night. Looking forward to it- we had a great day at the derby last week so am hooked on it now!
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    I want to be a Showing Judge...

    So I contacted the BSHA and Sport Horse GB and have got the forms. I have plenty of experience showing hunters/ workers etc with good results and would be really keen to get into the judging and think I have a good eye. The forms involve you being propsoed and seconded with references from...
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    FMM- hickstead!

    Well done today for Dinger in the Coloured Championship- he looked amazing in the main ring! Hopefully you got some nice photos!
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    I have got tickets for the sunday of hickstead for the derby but i havent got a schedule or even no what time it starts at? anyone have any idea??
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    OMG - look at H&H Front Page

    wow thats cool, you must have a lot of horse and hounds round your house with all ur horses appearances!!
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    Opinions on this stallion

    he gets a very bad name round NI to be honest! What about Jimble if you want to stay TB?
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    Northern ireland folks ....

    good luck! altho it is a show that is renowned for being already decided before it starts iukwim and stables extortionate!
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    Bob the Cob (dressage update)

    wow thats great- fantastic how well he is going!
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    Super first event of the season (and lots of pics)

    well done that is great she went so well esp after the past few weeks and that she continues to go as well at all the rest!!
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    Creevagh Camiro De Haar ... Opinions on this stallion please

    Yep i love him- he is getting on well in competitions with connor too isnt he?
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    farrier- would you get rid?

    I hate unreliable farriers to be honest and have sacked many in my yrs- but if he does a good job then you shud maybe give him a 2nd chance? Unless u can get another one as good that is- at the end of the day you are paying him for a service and if u dont get the service you want- go elsewhere!