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    Does Anyone Write A Blog?

    No advice for me as to if there are any good ones to follow, but I do write one, a private one that only a few friends have the link to, just so they can keep up to date with what I'm doing. I think its really helpful, not only to remember but to clear my head and sort out my feelings towards...
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    None-horesy friends!

    Friends! considering how much we need them ,some of them can be the biggest pain ever sometimes. Non horsey people never truly get it, either. Maybe your friends think your being a bit ungreatful - maybe when timing suits everyone you could arrange something to get your friends together again...
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    Ugly yearlings????

    If they were an ugly foal, then you have no hope :) But as you said yours was a beautiful baby just hang on in there.. how many teenagers look nice anyway? all spots and greasy hair and ganglyness....
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    "What's the least you'll take for it?"

    It seems so ridiculous to say "what's the least you'll take for it?" because surely the seller will answer with a much higher price, so that when it comes to bartering they don't really lose out at all.
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    Help me sis Munners with her confidence worry over hacking out!

    Wonderful support of a lovely sister and other people on this thread. Building up and taking it slow is fine and I'm sure you will get there in the end - take it slow and steady instead of trying to rush ahead and coming to a setback. The only time you'll really have a problem is if you dont...
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    Do you stay in touch with your horses old owner?

    I didnt, and dont keep in contact with the people I sold my pony to, mainly because I wasn't entirely convinced about selling her and it was very emotional letting her go, due to financial changes. Also, the people she went to were dealer types, so I'd prefer not to know. That might be selfish...
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    I've set myself a challenge

    You can jump so I'm sure you'll do well. Good luck and enjoy yourself.
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    Does anyone else feel braver out hacking than schooling?

    I may be wrong but I think out hacking it is more relaxed because you're enjoying a nice walk in the country, and seeing the view and nature or whatever, whereas in the school, people are more likely to be watching, and there is more of a purpose to it - you're actually schooling to achieve...
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    how sad are you?!

    A bit different to the other posts on here, but before I got a horse I would browse all the online horsey shops like robinsons, and collect pictures of tack,stirrups,rugs, any kind of horsewear so that I could build up a virtual wardrobe for my potential equine! I expanded to yards and show...
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    Feel like packing it all in tbh !

    Its fair to say that you want him learning from the same instructor. Have you tried talking honestly to your sharer and saying you've noticed a negative change in your horses behaviour? This might bring to light any problems, and would allow you to talk to her without pointing the finger so to...
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    what do you do when it's raining?

    I can't bear to go out in even light rain because me and the ponio both hate it. I do lots of thorough cleaning of horse, stable and tack, then I clean his brushes, and my boots, and then the walls or anything else I can find haha
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    "You'll regret it for the rest of your life if you don't.."

    well done for being such a brave and sensible young person, i wish you all the luck in the world. This may or may not be helpful to you, but I struggled throughout A levels and ended up with crap grades because I couldn't apply myself to it. The crap grades wont really get me into uni,and my...
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    The Queen & Grandchildren on Horseback - lovely pic

    I wonder what her reason is, as to why she doesn't wear a hat? She looks amazing for her age though.
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    Horse Shopping - what do you think of....

    if you like the horse, don't be put off by thinking you're not good enough for her. If she has a lot of talent and potential, you could work together and find yourself competing and achieving things you didnt think were previously possible - she might give you confidence in low level RC to go on...
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    does it matter if you have a pony but dont ride it

    You sound like you take care of him very well as it is and I personally dont think it matters too much because its not like he's cooped up in the stable all day. From another point of view though, if you didnt mind sharing, could you possibly advertise for an experienced teenager/adult (dont...