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    People who frequently offer different horses/ponies for sale

    Like the advertiser whose daughter appears to grow out of a different shetland every week and "we can help with transport"
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    horsebox owners - go Coronavirus 'shopping' in your lorry's living

    I tidied my little lorry out last week before it went to MOT. In it I realise I had the makings of a Coronavirus survival kit: bottled water antibac floor wipes loo roll kitchen roll paracetamol tissues lip balm hand cream snacks liquid hand soap washing up liquid Have brought it all home as it...
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    What do you pay for full livery

    Round my way, part livery is often taken to mean weekdays only vs. full livery means full time. Probably not the correct definition, but it works for the options available as there's no-one doing proper 'full' livery locally.
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    What do you pay for full livery

    £416/month for daily turnout, straw bed, basic feed, adlib haylage, holding for vet and farrier, feet picked out daily, 20x40 outdoor school and moorland hacking on the doorstep. It's the most expensive place round here as not that much call for exercise, tarting up for hunting etc. locally...
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    Hock arthritis worse in cold weather - what can I do?

    Lots of the sensible advice on here echoes what I've found helps my 17yo (diagnosed at 12) lad with arthritis in both hocks and pasterns - no schooling except occasional 'mounted physio' to maintain muscle supporting the hock joints, a heavier rug than the weather would suggest (YM's recent...
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    Who is going to do the 6 monthly vaccinations then?

    Our livery yard and sister yard are insisting on 6-month injections for everyone, including the OAPs. We do have a few horses that are out and about a lot so it makes sense as if one of them were to bring it back it could spread easily as they graze in groups and social groom over fences too.
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    What sentence from a seller would stop you going to look at a horse.......

    When I was last looking 7 years ago I rang up about just over 50 horses over a 9 month period and viewed 9 of them. Eventually found a superstar, but I had to be patient! The kind of thing that put me off on the phone was: "Well, it's not technically my horse, I'm selling it for a friend" "We've...
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    I found a pic!
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    I used to have a van conversion and my Dad made me a Hay Hammock to catch most of the hay dropped from the net / my cob's mouth and contain it. Simply cut from a thick cotton dust sheet with a pole at each side with a hole at each end so I could tie it to the window bars which meant it was sat...
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    Spanish riding holidays (dressage focused)

    Los Alamos isn't a dressage holiday (beach and forest hacking), but they have a range of PRE and PRE-x that you could try and they seem happy to let you ride two or possibly three over the week (5 days riding) if that's what you fancy and they think your riding is up to it. The horses are all...
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    made to measure body protector?

    Thanks, I didn't know they did that, will give them a call.
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    made to measure body protector?

    Has anyone heard of anybody making made to measure body protectors please? I have a long term shoulder issue that means my arms mustn't sit out of place (I've found that the underarm padding pushes them out at an angle, which hurts after a short hack and isn't good for my shoulders long term...
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    Hock arthritis, symptoms, injections and after plan

    Sorry, I missed your reply to this. It was only available through vets when I started buying it so I assumed it was prescription, my bad. I've seen really pleasing results with it (far better than synequin etc.), but your mileage may vary etc. :) Xanthoria - I assume the work is to slosh the...
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    Hock arthritis, symptoms, injections and after plan

    My vets have always stressed that after hock injections (my previous and current horse have both needed them), as soon as you're cleared to work the horse, they need as much work as is safe/possible/practical to give the steroids a chance to do their thing - there seems to be a couple of weeks...
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    Child riding horse- saddle?

    Sorry! Long day! Will think before typing next time :)