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    Things I want to know....

    I learnt “All king Edwards horses carry many brave fighters”
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    JB Sportshorses / James Brizzell / Chuck Brizzell / S Dillon

    Don’t do it, there are plenty of other horses out there, avoid that scum!
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    I took my QHxTB on some gallops today! (Tame) photos...!

    He’s stunning, sounds like fun!
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    Dealing with a kicker

    I also think that you’re making the right decision, for you and your horse. It’s a tough call, but you’re being very sensible and unselfish. Hugs.
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    Annoying advert

    Thank you to those who said to turn off Java. Phew!
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    No events to score this weekend, so I actually got OUT SJ & XC

    I enjoyed watching that, what a lovely calm round, nice rhythm, and you looked so together.
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    Ok folks....the wait is over (hopefully..!!)

    Really sorry about that SLH. As I’ve already said on a previous post, you can find what you’re looking for. My mare was less than half your budget, a bit of reschooling, and we did bs up to 1m, Be80, and hunger trials up to 1m. She was utterly bombproof out hacking, and a lovely person too.
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    Ok folks....the wait is over (hopefully..!!)

    Good luck today. Hope it goes well.
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    I have to sell my pony

    Leo, I’m so so sorry about this. There’s nothing I can really say, but I wanted to send you a hug.
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    Happy hacker horses

    I disagree, my mare was £1100 because she was a bit skinny. She was absolutely the best happy hacker, bombproof to everything she came across, lovely nature, and then also took me BS most weekends up to 1m, around BE80 very easily, and open Huntertrials (that’s her in my avatar), I took her...
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    Failed the vet so the search is back on

    He’s gorgeous, such a beautiful face, and those ears! Good luck.
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    Gaye Harwood killed.

    So tragic.
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    Gaye Harwood killed.

    Found out today that Gaye Harwood who ran Coombelands in Pulborough was killed in a car accident on Monday. She had a little girl, so sad.
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    Can haylage change the character of a horse

    Mine went absolutely mental on haylage, really really vile!