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    Has anyone bought a house with land and then relationship with partner not worked out?

    Sorry to read about your partnership coming to an end. After nine years you ought to have built up quite a bit of equity in your property. Can you use some of it this to buy land, get registered with local land agents and see what comes for sale rather than rent?
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    Best Insurance Company

    Hello. In the process of pony purchase and will need to insure him. He'll be used for hacking, flatwork, and PC activities, no XC. Any advice on best insurers, or ones to avoid will be much appreciated.
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    Hi From Scotland

    Hi, from Keith!
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    Towing with a mazda cx5

    Following as I have a CX-5 already and wonder what it would be like to tow with.
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    Hello from me

    Saw this on Facebook and signed. Good luck.
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    Livery Stamford/Wittering

    Friendly bump, I know someone looking for the same :)
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    So I own a Cob X TB, anyone else??

    He looks to have inherited the best of both parents, he's lovely.
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    Nightmare day!!! (Warning, unpleasant pictures)

    Gosh what a nightmare. So sorry for your little horse. Aren't we lucky to have such specialist help for instances like these. I hope Tigger makes a good recovery.
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    Would you buy this..??

    I'd pass on this one and look for a sound one, which you can probably find around the same price. Shame as he's a nice looking pony.
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    How to tackle a new rearer in the field

    make sure you're wearing hats when you go to bring her in.
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    Why is my page constantly reloading?

    Same problem here. No idea why thought.
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    Would this bother you?

    All that's in the ground are bones. Your horses memories stay with you. Don't dwell on it just look to the future in the very fortunate position of being financially secure.
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    Pony Rides

    How do the pony party people get round this rule? Or do they make enough to make it worthwhile? Such a shame our countrys rules and regs and culture of sue sue sue will deprive so many kids of a sit up on a pony.
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    Any Irish Draught folk?

    From memory, i think pride of meath and aban both had nasty tempers.