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    Biggest Commentary Mistake at the Olympics?

    My very favourite was the interview with Carl, where he said, 'Charlotte is my other half' and the shocked interviewer, obviously thinking, but you're GAY! said - 'Not literally?' No, because that would look very weird indeed, and we would only be able to ride the one horse between us ...
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    so.. sports personality of the year 2012

    I think Jessica Ennis will get it as the 'face of the games' - and fair enough, she carried that pressure, but I also agree with whoever said, lets start the campaign to get Charlotte du Jardin and possibly also Nick Skelton at least nominated, NOW.
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    I agree that the FEI need a boot up the bum

    that's a very grey area. :rolleyes: And I would say, the one that needs addressing first.
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    Should Paul McCartney sing at the closing ceremony?

    Completely agree. :eek: This is serious. And anonymously as well, the cads.
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    I agree that the FEI need a boot up the bum

    I think that may be a teensy little bit patronising. I wouldn't exactly describe Valegro as being in happy hacker mode, though happier than Parsifal (who I just can't spell as I get my languages fandangled so apologies to him) (though he probably can't spell himself either, to be fair) by a...
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    Olympic Dressage ?

    Well I never blooming well did, that was information that never reached my humble eyes, :D
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    Adelinde Cornelissen - A Rant!!

    :D That's so funny. Mind you if she'd done the same to Laura, she'd have been back in Gloucestershire :D
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    Adelinde Cornelissen - A Rant!!

    all the numbers on the above links, natwood. No comments though I'm afraid. and again I'm sure last time the actual sheets were visible and individual marks for each movement available. But I'm having no luck this time.
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    Poor Tia found dead

    I understand what you're saying, and agree if it's in a newspaper editorial, or even printed as part of news reporting, but idle gossip on internet chat rooms *can't* be reined in. And what's to say the juror doesn't go down the pub? I absolutely agree that a newspaper can't print anything...
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    Adelinde Cornelissen - A Rant!!

    Yes, sorry, here's the Kur I'm trying to see how the GB judge managed to find Adelinde's Kur five whole percentage points more *artistic* than Carls?! I don't think it's hard to...
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    Charlotte and her sponsored hat!

    I have a 22" TV and ageing eyesight, I got annoyed in the tennis cos I couldn't see the ball, but PIKEUR and CAVALLO? Even I could see them. Although those are ratehr big words for the paper in question, and foreign, to boot ;)
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    Poor Tia found dead

    I always think it's a bit precious to start saying comments on completely independent websites such as newspapers magazines and mumsnet will have to be closed down or they will affect the trial. Why? It's the internet equivalent of what's said down the pub. No doubt some drongo somewhere is...
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    Why are the majority of top male dressage riders gay?

    On a serious note, historically, maybe because the big European training centres were pretty much all guys together, and when being gay was less acceptable, would have been much nicer/safer places to be than many others? On a less serious note, dressage is practiced especially in the USA, by...
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    I agree that the FEI need a boot up the bum

    once again, just to clarify, the point of my OP was *not* to take issue with anyone criticising the judges, or the hyperflexion, or the result .. in my book, that's what a discussion forum is for. What I thought I saw start to happen - and I'm going to use a made up examples because I don't...