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    Contacting old owner/breeder -good or bad idea?

    My mare's breeder saw a post of mine on a breed site and recognised the name as it seems they named many of their horses after the pub owned by their family. He remembered her dam being sweet, I said clearly she took after the sire hahah he was going to send me some photos of her dam and her if...
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    Horses dogs all animals you keep use kindness

    Is the OP trying to comment on a magazine article and got confused?
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    Loss of nerve (Menopause)

    Sorry deleted because it wasn't very positive!
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    Any 'Happy Hackers' on here?

    I've not ridden in a long while for a number of reasons though I have 2 lovely horses I went on a walk (on foot) with a couple of my fellow yardies a couple of evenings ago and so many fond memories of hacks along the route we walked came back to me and I felt quite wistful about it all. Right...
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    Innovative ideas for keeping horses on small acreage?

    My daughter's horse lives on a track system, it's on a livery yard, only one in the area that does it. I was a bit taken aback by it at first but I have to say all of the horses there seem to thrive, they're not all crowding the gates to get out or trying to get to grass. I think they get moved...
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    Vets insurance direct claims

    Ah my apologies, I missed that this was in the Dog section, so sorry! (embarrassed face!)
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    What is a 'normal' age to lose a horse?

    PTS 1. 16.2hh TB gelding 16yo- pts- broken leg 2. 16.3 ISH mare- 19yo pts- Equine Atypical Myopathy 3. 15.2 TB gelding 16yo- pts- various arthritic joints, unable to keep field sound Retired 1. IDx gelding 16hh retired (apart from odd potter) 19 now 21 - potential DDFT injury, various...
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    Vets insurance direct claims

    I am with 2 different vet practices across my 3 horses (not for any dodgy reasons, although I realise it sounds dodgy) and both are happy to process claims for you at no charge and deal with insurance company (I am with Insurance Emporium, never had any issues)
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    Your mental health and your horsey life

    I have long standing mental health issues that pre-date my regular involvement with horses. In general, the horses help- they are an anchor, a reason to get up, a focal point, - but sometimes I feel inadequate as an owner and certainly a rider, I get anxious, I lack confidence, I make stupid...
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    Prognosis for DDFT tear

    Long story, but my old boy (now mostly but not totally retired) after extensive lameness work ups was suspected to have damage to the DDFT in his hoof. In his case they felt it was likely to be caused by abrasion due to fairly mild coffin joint arthritis as he was not in heavy work and the...
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    New horse! With photos

    He looks like a sweety, wishing you many happy times together!
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    Girths and Irish draughts

    I have an ID, after a disastrous experience with a fully elasticated girth that was probably a bit big anyway and stretched perhaps more than I anticipated. I went for the Stubben string girth because she is really sensitive in that area and I'd had a mare before that had scarring from surgery...
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    Pictures I cannot believe I am posting this - RIP Arizona

    I am so very sorry to read this, RIP to the beautiful Arizona, my heart goes out to you for loss xx
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    Do you think horses find humans annoying?

    I know mine do find me annoying but hopefully slightly endearing but probably more the former 😂 Found this meme a while back, it fits well here
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    Dealings with Elite Equine and Meadow stables in Essex

    They put the pressure on a buyer to make a quick decision and vet later during the "trial period" they say they have lots of interest and it will be gone by time you get there and it's a hard to find type, and the adverts are aimed at novice owner/riders who are probably all struggling to find...