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    muckboot co. boots ...reveiws please?

    I've had them for years,have always bought the Tack style. Last pair just broke after 4 yrs so decided I'd try different design due to slipping in mud. Bought a pair of Greta and really not getting on with them at all. I think I have a faulty pair anyway as the tread isn't properly attached to...
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    Managing 2 horses on 1 acre

    I have 3 on 1.8 acres, they are ponies though. the field is split and they are kept on the 1 acre all winter with haynets in their shelter. I do give hay most of the year round and it does get poached around the gate and shelter and these areas don't really recover but the rest of the field...
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    Ariat Grasmere Boots

    How do the Grasmeres compare to the fit of Windermeres ? I find the windermeres quite wide as I have narrow feet .
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    If you're insured up to £5k vet fees, how much is the premium?

    I pay about £40 a month for two , can't remember if mine is £4k of £5k vets fees . I also insure mine for minimum value and just vets fees
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    Hiring gallops - South Wales area.

    I know someone who was advertising theirs for hire Nr Usk if that's not too far ?
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    Seat size of the Saddle Company Verona Saddle

    I've used a 16", it has the square cantle. I'm 5' 4" , 29 inside leg size 10. I find it fine . My mare is quite short backed so suits her well, although I prefer a suede seat so it is up for sale if anyone looking for a cob xxx wide :)
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    Derby House fly rugs

    I bought one for my Sec D and it almost strangles her :( Agree with previous poster about how long the belly part is and was also concerned they might get a leg stuck in it.... Off to buy a new fly rug:rolleyes:
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    Is there a knack for moving rubber mats?

    Mine are too heavy to roll up :confused: I flip mine over an old broom handle and carry from each end - obviously need two people tho... otherwise i just struggle and try and drag them after folding over .. I def need longer arms :mad:
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    Where's the best place to look for a cheap ridable companion?

    Lluest Horse and Pony Trust had one they were desperately trying to find a loan home for the other day. They are based West Wales. 14 hh safe ride
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    Very Spooky Horse!

    I had an Arab mare who always spooked hacking on her own, in company she was completely chilled. She'd spook at the same thing for ever and never changed. I owned her for over 20 yrs ... hope yours gets better as it could be a bit tiring :rolleyes:
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    Henry Cecil

    Just heard the news, very sad R.I.P :(
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    Oh goody, another messed-up baby..

    Apt name for its Dam filly out of Who Gives a Toss :( Says it all :mad:
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    Suregrow, not so cheap

    I've been paying over £15 since I started using it about 7 months ago . My youngster looks fab on it and I have no plans to change :) Out of curiosity at what age do most stop feeding it ?
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    Pure Fibre Balance - The fibre feed balance

    Been using their feeds for about 18 months and love them, so do my ponies ... mine have been on fibre balance this winter, with a bit of fast fibre...their coats are glossy and they've kept their weight a little too well :)
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    How much would you offer?

    Maybe the owner has changed her mind about selling her and you are worrying over nothing? If she's in a good loan home and everyone is happy then that's what most owners want.