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    Fashions for Different Coat Colours Through History Article

    I'm from Latvia, where historically the tarpan and/or Przewalski's horse was the breed to go - including their primitive coloured coats, among which there are said to have been spotted individuals, but mostly "consistently brown, cream-colored or mouse-colored". In the Medieval times, when the...
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    How did you find the most recent horse you bought? Word of mouth, online ad, etc?

    Wanted something very specific, and, to my luck, a colt that fit my every wish to a T, was born at a small stud farm owned by a close friend. I saw the announcement about the colt on the FB time line of the stud, followed his development closely for a few months, and then finally bought him when...
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    Best saddle for short backed problem horse...

    Had a similar problem, until stopped happily at a Ghost saddle. :) Horse had a long history of fitting problems, but now, after 3 years in a Ghost, he's never been happier and all the vets/chiro always compliment on the health and condition of his topline and spine.
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    I hope this is allowed

    I'm celebrating, and I'm Latvian! So nowhere near the US, but the old buffoon was dangerous to the post-soviet countries, thus I'm VERY relieved!
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    Jumping bitless

    When I'm in the mood for bitless, I ride (jumping, dressage, fast hacking) and drive in an Orbitless. I love how adjustable it is - you can choose between several hackamore settings or a simple sidepull just by switching the position of the reins. My big lad agrees with this bridle and I also...
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    Jumping bitless

    Give it a try. :) A properly chosen and fitted bitless bridle can be a great tool for the right horses (and, with some additional training, almost all of them are the right horses ;) ) in the right hands.
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    Would you bother?

    I brought my big lad up to the yard yesterday and, instead of being his chilled self, he was snorty, spooky and constantly on his toes! Instead of the planned hack, I just lunged him and, watching him squealing, bucking, spooking and galloping like a lunatic, certainly told me I made the right...
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    Parelli - yay or neigh?

    Between Parelli and CA, I see CA as the worse one - his style is extremely dominant and aggressive, and he carries that over to his followers, IMO.
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    Parelli - yay or neigh?

    I do hate the pure nonsense that comes with the Parelli marketing - all those different coloured strings for "levels" of parelli-ness and whatnot. However, over years of being closely connected with the local NH crowd, I've observed a few things: If you look back at the very beginnings of the...
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    Strangest thing said to you while out riding?

    My big geldings' name is Snickers. The times we've met someone along our hacks and they've innocently asked for his name, just to start giggling like fools that "ooooh, is he made from chocolate? Can I eat him? Imma gobble him up!" have been so numerous, that I've just been answering with...
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    Strangest thing said to you while out riding?

    I was out hacking when noticed a man with a toddler standing on the side of the trail and looking excited about my big guy. I stopped for a quick chat and the man asked, if his toddler could pat the horse, to which I agreed. After a few pats, the man suddenly, totally out of nowhere, tries...
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    What the hell is going on in France?

    How utterly dreadful! Fingers crossed those bastards will be caught soon and prosecuted!
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    Milk Thistle .. Ground or whole Seeds ?

    Freshly ground. I usually ground a weeks' worth at a time. The outsides/shells of the seeds are too thick and though for a horse to digest, so whole they just slide right through.
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    Just for fun. Things non horsey people don’t get...

    ....that time when I absent-mindedly started cleaning my geldings' sheath and pick gunk off his fifth leg while being amidst a kids' camp that was going on at the yard that day. Then, a childs' innocent voice woke me up like a cold shower - "Mommy, what is the lady doing to the horsies' peepee?"...
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    So, somebody is selling this supposedly "playful, well mannered and very pretty" pony mare locally. Enjoy this picture that went with the ad - and, no, there weren't any better ones. 😀