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    Breeding burgers

    Indiscriminate breeders are responsible for devaluation of our horses which is why we can pick one up in a market for a fiver... :( Do you think they`d have used horsemeat if they`d had to pay top price ? I seriously doubt it... Anyway bottom line is ... the deceit ,they`ve conned everyone...
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    Breeding burgers

    Totally agree with you there.. Something shouldve be done to stop the indiscriminate breeding long ago....
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    Ponies in Need

    OMG!!! Heaven Forbid Not Again :( Been a long time since i logged in here only to see this "another spindles farm " Not just a drive down the motorway this time so i will be giving a donation to the crosskennen here is the link
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    post colic surgery advise please

    By the way when i say he was "IN" i meant his stable not Leahurst he was there for about 8 days
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    Whats his breeding ? Poor baby, he`s a lucky boy to have found you now then.
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    OMG!!! I am so mad

    Well i have pics of before and after so i will take to a solicitor tomorrow the drain was put in only about 3 years ago so its not on anyones deeds , this guy is a total nightmare ugh i can do without this cr@p You would think it would flood his land Louby but whats the betting his next trick is...
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    OMG!!! I am so mad

    Sorrys guys but i might feel better if i can get this off my chest. I have suspected my neighbour has been interfering with a connecting land drain between our properties, I went to check this morning and found he has cut a hole in the top of my pipe , after watching awhile he came back and i...
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    horse owners in manchester: horse damaged internally with broom

    Oh for crying out loud we have some evil twisted basturds walking this earth !!!!!!!
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    My 4 week old foal

    Beautiful foalie & mum too , lucky you.
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    Jamie Grey and his family - SICKENING

    OMG i cant belive they are still doing this !!!! What`s it going to take to stop these basturds !!!
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    Footpaths and electric fencing

    I do have equifencing on the other side is a recently planted hedgerow, the fence i have been asked to remove is another i put up to protect my young hedge , i think i`ll run a wire above my equifence that at least should stop any kind hearted soul that thinks my pones need feeding, with lots of...
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    Footpaths and electric fencing

    Thanks i was hoping it was , i have to remove a fence as its only 1m width at the bottom (a bank to one side) the guy from the council told me it was illegal to put electric tape there . Blah blah blah its all for the damn walkers , what about us landowners ay !
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    Footpaths and electric fencing

    Does anyone know if it is legal to run electric tape alongside a footpath ??
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    Feeds for laminitic ponies

    Allen & Page do " L Mix" just for Laminitics you soak in warm water for about 10 mins then just add some hifi lite its very good.
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    Coloured filly, thoughts?

    She is GAWGUSS whats her breeding ? She should not be marked down in any classes because of her markings. "No colour pattern shall take preference over any other colour pattern, and colour and markings shall not be considered whilst judging (except where the class is specifically for “Colour...