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    suprising jj beeston update

    Beeston used to be first and third Wednesday of every month when I was younger. However this has changed and there can be up to three in every month now, and other sales such as the Welsh pony sale this Saturday.
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    Share your weekend achievements - large or small!

    My pony pulled a tyre today for the first time, in the school, on the yard and even on the gravel without batting an eyelid. Driving here we come :D
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    Best leather half chaps?

    Another vote for tredsteps! Got mine for a tenner off ebay, best bargain ever! 4 years old, worn daily, and still going strong :)
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    Experience vs a green youngster: what to do?

    I was in exactly the same position apart from I was moving off my overgrown connie gelding onto an experienced 16.3hh Novice eventing mare. I ended up selling her a year and a half later as we never 'clicked'. I miss the littlest things the most - being able to jump on in the field, being...
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    Riding club Wales/Cheshire area...?

    Want to start getting my rising five year old out a bit more to clinics etc next year, and thought riding club would be the best bet. Any opinions on the best one around N. Wales/Cheshire area? Friendly, lots of events etc? Thanks
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    How much do you trust your horse?

    I think I've had one horse I trusted 100%. Utterly. I could leave him with his stable door open and he wouldn't leave until my word, he got barbed wire stuck between his shoe and his foot and didn't panic, stood still until released. I was in a worse state than he was! Poo picking, I used to...
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    Long reining/driving help please!

    Hi, nope, not yet, they're being introduced in our next lesson, do you think we should wait and leave going on the roads until she's got them? (Week on Saturday that would be) Do blinkers focus them to the extent they don't realise where verges are? Sorry, these sound really silly questions...
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    Long reining/driving help please!

    We're currently breaking my pony to drive, so am long lining. She's very good, nice and relaxed, walking into the contact, nice and soft. Trots lovely too, apart from a bucking fit when the line got stuck under her tail, she clamped it down, it remained stuck (surprise surprise...) and she...
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    Riding and Driving reports-C and LC

    Wow fab report and such a cute little driving pony! Stunning horses, well done on all the results :) So nice to see drivers as well, we're currently breaking my pony to drive and it's all very exciting, it's a first for her and us but here's hoping she likes it :)
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    question re horse post clipping?

    Always ride day of a clip, they may be a little 'fresher' than usual and have a tickle in their toes due to feeling the cold a little so do make some allowances. Trot sooner than usual as well to get them warm. But you should be fine!
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    What breed is this horse?

    Definitely another vote for connie. Looks like my Connie x TBxID actually!
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    How much do you pay for livery?

    Cheshire/North Wales border. I get: -Unlimited hay or haylage provided (good quality stuff too!) -Bedding £4 a bale, 1 bale per week -Morning rug change and turnout -Bring in if not down in time -Fed morning and eve at same time to avoid disruption -Biiiig all weather arena, lights...
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    How much do you pay for Turn out/Bring in

    Morning turnout and rug change are included in the livery (they all get turned out in a routine so it avoids any upset). If you want them left in you can write it on the board, YO also chucks a haynet in. Bring in is about 4.30 and if you're not up by then they're brought in, to avoid...
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    If you were a horse, would you be in work?

    Yes I would be. Would be that fat (be an escape artist) fluffy (refuse to let clippers near me) pony at pony club that has it's ears in some poor childs face, views everything as a jump, never stands still, happiest hurtling along out of control or stepping on small childrens feet. Probably...
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    Driving: Does it affect riding career?

    Thanks all! Getting really excited now, here's hoping she'll take to it!