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    Do horses learn to bang their stable door?

    Yes they can. Quite easily and even if you make sure they are NEVER rewarded for it
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    Riding hat recommendations please

    Depends on the shape of your head. Some are more round, others oval. Charles Owen are my favourite so comfy
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    Insurance exclusions: Fair or Trying it on?

    Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
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    I wanted a new bridle!

    English Bridles. ://
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    Wintec isabell werth saddles

    I don't think so, I think they are all adjustable. Do the drinks unscrew? On some they come right out
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    Still really lame after two weeks and unsure what to do?

    99% of what looks like shoulder pain is actually in the foot. So I too would insist on ruling that out first
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    Rolltack saddle trolley

    I have the stubbs one. It's great on concrete or dry mud but difficult on gravel or if muddy. Having said that I wouldn't be without mine now
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    Ex race horse to buy or not

    I wouldn't get another one. One I had was retrained very lovely mare but was pts 4 months later as had horrendous kissing spines and other soundness issues. I'm too old for the possible quirks now though
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    Gut feelings?

    I think so. But my own gut feelings are more when something is going wrong ridden wise and everyone else says it just a naughty/fresh/ young horse. It has happened several times and each time I was right. Annoyingly it happened recently and I allowed 'the sceptics' to influence me which nearly...
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    Moving from part to diy on private yard. Stuff I need???

    If she is wet then wood pellets under shavings save a fair bit of money. Head torch depends on yard I've never used one
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    Is it possible to keep the inside of your car clean?!

    Absolutely hopeless. Mine has nearly as much mud, hay as the yard. Boot has my mobility scooter and big first aid bag (work) back seat has seat and battery off said scooter and any number of coats, giblets, gloves etc squashed in between. Plus today's buys from YHL yep hopeless lol
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    Your horse live report

    Good day. Disappointed not to see Valegro as can't make it to Olympia I was sure they advertised earlier in the year he would be there. I've seen him a few times so don't know why I'm bothered lol Watched 3/4 Geoff so missed the best bit him riding Hovis:( Rest was average. Seen MUCH better...
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    Straw on top of shavings

    Personally I would use wood pellets under straw. Works well for my friend
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    horse rugs. any good?

    Should say horze
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    horse rugs. any good?

    Looking at the 200g crescendo it's £95 so not cheep cheep