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    Wondering whether to retire....or keep going

    could you try taking hind shoes off now if you are not riding and see how he copes. maybe he could go to your friends with fronts only to start with..sounds as though you want to do other things and its no shame to retire him. if friends place isnt an option could you find a retirement livery...
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    Pit Bulls

    Not sure if I should have liked that photo, that’s a serious wound. Let’s hope the right thing is done with the dog
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    Pit Bulls

    glad you reported it and that you have had the right have done the right thing
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    Pictures The palomino posse

    lovely photos and lovely girls
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    Pit Bulls

    GSD woman please tell them its a dog bite so you get the appropriate medication. its a horrible situation but that dog needs a one way trip and hopefully he wont injure anyone else before that is done.
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    whippet harnesses

    pic of the harness i have got, it it nice and soft and fits well with loads of adjustment so should be the only harness i will needas i will get a proper whippet collar once he is a bit bigger... i found a very quiet walk so he had a great time investigating the grass have only used a...
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    Any idea for sharer price for a lead-rein Shetland?

    i think to ask for £10 plus chores for a lead rein pony sounds a bit much...i would say either chores or pay not both..
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    How hot is hot?

    Well what a change here, I’ve just put a jumper on as I was cold.. may be something to do with the raging headache I have got after a very hot , sleepless’s no wonder we talk about the weather here as you can’t predict what it will do..
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    How hot is hot?

    they are quite small, do you use both in your bedroom or is one enough. looks like its small enough to go on my bedside table .. i used to have something that was a similar idea but it was about 3 ft 6ins high and 2ft wide and i didnt think it worked and got rid of it because it was taking up...
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    How hot is hot?

    thats a good idea if my ceilings were not so low, i would worry i would hit it with my head. i use a freestanding fan in the bedroom that helps, but its still pretty hot :(
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    Welfare awards at Appleby

    Good idea , at least some of the horses are well looked after
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    How hot is hot?

    I have just looked at the thermostat in my living room and it says it’s 28.8 which is over 80 f…my cottage was built in 1880 and has thin walls so it’s blooming hot. I dread to think how hot my bedroom is. Somehow it’s easier to cope in the winter, just put more clothes on and move quicker, I...
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    Introducing Phineas

    Hope all goes well tonight and you get some sleep
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    Introducing Phineas

    he is gorgeous, one of mine was similar colouring ...hope all goes ok
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    Another foreign rescue infected with Brucella canis

    exactly and who cares if the poor things are petrified, lets shove them in a van with a load of others and charge the numptys in GB a huge fee and then the new owners spend months agonising about how to make the dogs life happy....i had a friend who took on a rumanian rescue, she didnt meet it...