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    stallions suggestions please. Ideally coloured pic

    Goshka Ringo (sire of Amour G), now standing in France, would give you everything you want and is homozygous for tobiano! I have bred one by him (a mating inspired by Amour G) and she is now rising 6 and is just fabulous!! Better than I ever dreamed and my horse in a million!
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    TB event stallion recommendations?

    I agree - the photos of him online, the stud website, video etc do nothing for him at all! Had I not seen him myself, I wouldn't have used him. In fact, if I'd not been living in Cornwall at the time, I'm not sure I'd have made the effort to even go and see him! My 7yo by him, is really...
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    TB event stallion recommendations?

    IMHO you have the choice of 2 stallions - Groomsbridge May I or Kings Composer!
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    Is it safe to breed from a cold backed mare?

    Random suggestion - ulcers. Different horses can react to them differently, some hardly at all. I'd discuss her with your vet and no, I wouldn't breed from her, considering the current market.
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    Rule Change Proposed to Allow Sheikh M's Wife to Run Again for FEI Pres.

    British Racing (indeed the effect could well be wider) would indeed suffer greatly should the Arab influence be withdrawn and a lot of associated industries as well!
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    Advice please

    I think your first step is to get you mare gene tested, as suggested. If she doesn't carry the red gene and as you want something smaller, then how about Bathleyhills Monet
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    Bit ID, Please Is it this? Hoping link works - haven't tried this before on phone
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    Both of my mares twinned!

    Golly! I can't believe that anyone would advise to leave nature to it's own devices re. twins. We've seen more triplets than ever before this season! Certainly not to be ignored!
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    Stallions and turn out

    Just being pedantic, but it's € 85,000 ;)
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    Wish the little fella luck today plz.

    Stitching an entropian (which is what it sounds like was needed) is a fairly simple procedure. Glad it went well :)
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    Body Protectors?

    Asking on behalf of a friend (I don't do jumping, but prefer to do it from the safety of the sofa lol). She needs a new BP and is BEing at 100 level and aiming higher. Thinking of an air jacket, but also considering Kan Teqs - any advice gratefully received :)
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    Any Thoughts on AMOUR G?

    They are all well founded comments P! He is a real credit to you!
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    Stump protection?

    It's all very similar stuff tbh. We use a cholohexadine solution at birth and then terramycin spray (blue spray here, could come in other colours though?) daily for a week afterwards :)
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    Godolphin caught out.

    ;) :eek:
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    For Sparky & Manny Fans! Video/pic.

    LOL! Thank you both :) dingle are you on facebook? PM me :)