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    Letting someone use your arena

    My planning restrictions specify family and friends only. I refuse any offers of payment and make sure they understand it is at their own risk.
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    Run free Flicka

    I am so sorry for your dreadful loss. The right decision is still such a painful one. Sending hugs. xx
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    Bernese mountain dog

    I wouldnt say they bark any more than a Goldie, and they are a lovely breed, just such a shame about the cancer rates. I have 2 Great Swiss Mountain dogs, which are the next breed up from the Bernies, in that group, and they just bark at people coming to the door/gate.
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    Does anyone wear a mask to do their haynets?

    I have to use a mask to make up haynets and muck out stables.
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    Childhood dreams dashed - Drumnadrochit - CLOSED!

    I had some lovely hacks out from Drumnadrochit when we were on holiday in the area many years ago, such stunning scenery.
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    Wet Food Recommendations

    I add Forthglade to kibble .... very pleased with it.
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    Vestibular disease

    I really feel for you. Our elderly Collie got it, and the vet was initially quite optimistic, but after appearing to improve, she had several more episodes, needed a towel sling to support her to go outside etc and we felt she had lost her quality of life. Sending hugs. xx
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    Calming cookies

    I thought they were most likely a placebo for the rider. So, I gave one to my pony before the farrier arrived ..... normally my pony would fidget and pull back on his rope etc, but he stood absolutely still the entire time. I have tested it since, sometimes giving a cookie sometimes not, and it...
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    Keeping the cone on

    Mine had to be in a cone for 12 weeks! I threaded a crepe bandage through the loops on the cone, and then tied it to her collar .... that worked for her.
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    All New Forest peeps

    It's a reflective collar, which some owners put on their ponies .... wish all owners would do this.
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    Food advice - kibble

    Millieswolfheart range are great, and they are brilliant on their helplines.
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    Lost a dog today…so very sad 😢

    I am so sorry Catembi, what a terrible shock, and a dreadful loss. Sending hugs. xx
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    Whoes been out hacking?

    Me! First time in a year ..... CRPS in a hand, then a fractured ankle and torn ligaments, then terrible Sciatica stopped me, but today I DID IT .... can only manage walk at the moment as it's too painful, but it's a start and I am buzzing with happiness. Love my Unicorn.❤🦄
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    Getting dog to take tablets

    One of my dogs is Epileptic and has to take 16 pills/day. I hide the meds in either some sausage or wrapped in some cheese slice. I hope you find a way that works, it sounds as though constantly changing what you use is the best way.
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    Sleep tight my best friend

    So sorry for your dreadful loss. xx