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    The things non-horsey people say......

    I am literally crying with laughter at this!!!!! A 'fowl' that turns into a Shetland!?!?! Pmsl
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    The things non-horsey people say......

    hahaha! This happened to my sister the other day. She was out round the lanes riding her horse, and leading our 20 year-old 12hh pony, when she came across a group of walkers. One of them started pointing at the pony and shouting to the rest of the group 'Oh look everyone, what a cute baby...
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    Disinfecting Stables

    Wow, thanks for all the replies, it's really helpful! :) I do have a pressure washer, but surely water alone won't be enough to kill any bugs? I think i'll have a google about agricultural disinfectants, and look at the DEFRA list, to see what is allowed. Thanks again everyone! :)
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    Disinfecting Stables

    Thanks for the replies, it's much appreciated :) It's just such a tricky one, i don't want to harm the environment/wildlife, but i do need to find a way to disinfect. I did think vinegar/soda crystals would be good- i'll have another google. Then i think i'll just have to try and mop up the...
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    Disinfecting Stables

    I'm in the middle of buying a new property, which comes with a few stables and some land. Obviously i want to give the stables a good scrub and disinfect before i move my rabble in. However, the problem is that the drains on the yard run into a little stream, so i won't be able to use any...
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    Horse has died *need hugs*

    Only just caught up on this thread. So sorry for your loss. At least you found him and got him into his stable, warm and cosy, munching on his hay-net. A lovely way to go. I know plenty of people who don't do late night checks, your boy was lucky you do, otherwise the alternative ending would...
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    H&H ad done, hows it look?

    I don't think you can ever have too many pictures- the more the merrier! I think the wording is fine, i prefer people to write more and explain things, rather than an ad with a few key words and no detail. I think a video is a really great idea. I actually think the pricing is very reasonable...
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    Doing your equine Laundry

    I wash all my smelly yard clothes in my machine at home as normal- just make sure its a 40/60 wash to get all dirt out- tho prob wouldn't put a load of whites in straight after just in-case! For horse stuff- rugs and big things get sent to a local rug cleaners- anything else, e.g. saddle...
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    Pts & h&h!

    These are my thoughts exactly! I know each case is different, and i am not saying every 'un-useful' horse should be put down by any means, but i do think there are far worse things that can happen to a useless (from owners view) horse other than PTS. Example: A few weeks ago, in one of...
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    Teddy aka Huge Horse goes hunting!

    I'd defo love a go on Teddy, bet he's the comfiest hunter around- like sitting on a giant teddy/rocking horse! Not sure too many men out hunting can pull off clipped hearts, but think Teddy and your OH can! Lol I'm looking forward to more Teddy hunting pics soon :)
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    Recovering from the worst day of my life

    Gosh that is just awful- my worst nightmare- what a horrible thing to have happen. I had tears in my eyes reading it. Like you said, at least he went peacefully in his stable, surrounded by people who love him. So sorry i have nothing better to say. Wishing you a speedy recovery, physically and...
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    Following on from wellies threads...

    After going through several pairs of Hunters, i ended up buying a pair of Aigles from my local Countrywide. They were the last pair in the sale, so think they were reduced to £50 from over £100! They have lasted me well over 2 years now, and are still in very good condition, despite all the...
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    Small Fashion Survey!! (For University)

    It's a no to everything from me. When i was younger there was no 'bling' for horses really available, so i didn't have any. Now i'm older i am not into that sort of thing, i prefer the traditional look and tack. I don't buy tack/bling/any horsey stuff just because someone famous has it, i also...
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    Unstable on Horse & Country

    I'm pretty sure she's made up! lol Tho i wouldn't be surprised if her 'character' is loosely connected to her real life personality, as she does have that sarky/sulky look about her. Either way i find her quite amusing to watch!
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    Unstable on Horse & Country

    It's repeated fairly often on Horse and Country (Sky 280). If you have Sky you can do a search for it, think it's normally on around 6am ish? Yes, more people should watch, it's really quite entertaining! lol