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    Man photographed me & my horses - Should I be worried?

    Yeah it's not nice, I rang my OH straight away to tell him when it happened to me, I was on my own too. It was a young lad in a fiesta in my case
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    Man photographed me & my horses - Should I be worried?

    Someone did that to me a couple of weeks ago! He was driving towards me and he pulled over on the side of the road, held his phone up as though he was taking a photo, and then drove off when I got right beside him! I was a bit worried...
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    Daughter and Little Dolly update!! ***PICS***

    I haven't been following their story either, but lovely to hear they've sorted all their problems out and are doing well, they look a great little team :)
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    *Who watches Horse & Country T.V ?? if not why not !!!

    Too many repeats, and the programmes they do show don't have much variation really, just the same sort of thing over and over
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    ANOTHER Parelli video

    I was confused watching that, god knows how that poor horse felt :(
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    Horses at weddings

    Loving the pics :) Yeah I did worry about the "crazy woman wants to marry the horse" thing! My photographer also does "trash the dress" shoots after the wedding - could be worth thinking about instead of actually having him there on the day?
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    Horses at weddings

    I'm getting married next year, and I quite fancy the idea of my pony being brought to the venue so I can have a couple of photos taken with him. Has anyone done this before? The only thing that concerns me is that green slobber and white dresses don't really mix :p
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    opinions please :) ( ill tell u why later ;)

    All gorgeous but I LOVE the coloured, he is an absolute stunner, just my type :)
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    Had a very sad conversation with my friend today :-(

    What a horrible decision for you and your friend to have to make :( What a lucky pony though, to have such a caring owner who is prepared to make that decision for her and let her go in a quiet, dignified way. I'm sure you'll do the right thing by her. *Hugs*
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    EXCITED!!! Pony going to Parelli guy next week!

    What a lovely little face :) Good luck with him!
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    Definately just personal preferance. I love them, I've never seen one that I thought was ugly!
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    Anyone got a spare £50 ?

    What a lovely little face he has! Lets hope he doesn't fall into the wrong hands at that price
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    Dales/Fells what are they like to ride?

    I have a fell and I think he's amazing :) He's very forward going but just about bombproof and will jump anything you put in front of him. He's another that behaves according to the rider - he can be quite silly with me and push it a bit sometimes, but if I put my 8 year old cousin on him he's...
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    Country File on Sunday

    I saw it :) Loved Danny, I was a bit disappointed they didn't actually say on it that he was a fell pony though, would have been good publicity for the breed!
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    grooming - gypsy cob

    Where can you buy pig oil from? I've wanted some for a while but never seen it for sale anywhere.