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    Loughehoe Guy Pro's and Con's

    Just make sure it's on a mare with a bucketload of limb. Having watched many, many go thru Goresbridge they r nice and loose and athletic but sometimes a bit long and light thro lower limb. Good on an ID type.
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    Dog Experts - any advice re: Barking?!

    We only have to pick up the can of compressed air (pet corrector spray) and our gobby black and tan terrier shuts not have to spray it at all.
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    Stallion Showcase GB

    Hmmm thinking it's quite possible from the man that leases and runs the venue.....quite opinionated. I am sure it has nothing to do with the event organisers
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    Just bought a woolly rising 2 out of Ireland by Arkan out of a Cavalier Royale mare...this chap is lovely...very pleased.
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    New GSP coming .......

    I will but piccies so are at 2 weeks...will wait another couple x
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    New GSP coming .......

    Oh no offence taken......but I think OH would chuck me out of the bedroom before his beloved JRT! Time seems to b flying with the job and the yard! Already counting the weeks with 5 to foal and the show horses to prep and the job! Just gotta think of a name now! Oh and try not to over...
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    New GSP coming .......

    Thank was a tough decision between the 2......Mocha seemed a little more people focussed. Weims really affectionate but a little more 'their own people' ....r your experiences similar or are mine due to the fact I took on a rescue?
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    New GSP coming .......

    Will hopefully different colour and sex will help me stop comparing them. Re sleeping on the sofa or bed.... having treated all the dogs the same Inc the 3 Weims from pups I cannot see this one sleeping in the kitchen. Mocha arrived with his issues after 4 homes by the time he was 2-never had...
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    New GSP coming .......

    Thank u ...feeling very excited and disloyal in equal measure.
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    New GSP coming .......

    Well it's been 12 months since I lost my beloved rescue GSP Mocha aged 13 followed by my 13yr old Weimar Molly 2 months later :( ...gutting. I finally feel ready for another GSP, a puppy, although a bitch this time.....I worshipped them both and had a very special bond with Mocha that is...
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    Please help me to narrow down a suitable eventer / jumping stallion.

    Well from your let the 2 I have most experience with r BRIEF ENCOUNTER and WISH UPON A STAR. My first BEs r 6 this time and so trainable and talented. The first WUAS youngster will be out doing 4yr olds this yr and r incredibly beautiful. I have mares due to them again this yr. Future Illusions...
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    Giving Metacam to an older dog with arthritis

    Metacam gave my 11yr old GSP two additional years with excellent quality of life......1ml per kg of bodyweight per day....2 yrs no to you vet. Our old Weimar had it too
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    Please help find Angel

    Ok have posted on Facebook pg. Did notice this wk while looking for a GSP puppy to buy that someone was advertising WANTED for a GSP bitch to keep another company.... It will have been on champdogs, pets4home, dogsandpuppies or similar. Get someone to place a wanted to buy advert....of course...
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    equine herpes virus (EHV-1) outbreak - Devon

    And spreading fast by all accounts :(
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    Thoughts on a stallion

    I hope u enjoy the whole process and r not but off by the aggressive responses on here to a perfectly acceptable question. My only recommendation is see as much stock as u possibly can from your chosen shortlist of is after all about using a stock getter. Enjoy :)