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    A sad wwyd :(

    First - YOU! Please please get some good support in place for yourself - see your GP, take what they offer (medication, referral, etc). Phone the Samaritans, they are brilliant listeners and know what to say to get you talking out loud about your feelings in an extremely safe space. Second...
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    Third Party Liability Insurance for towing

    Just get yourself added as a named driver to your dad's policy. Probably make his policy cheaper too. I did that with a friend (she had a company car so was only insured through company for driving that car) for several years, had her added on my policy along with my husband too so that in an...
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    Holkham Hall beach north Norfolk

    To save anyone disappointment and a wasted journey .... Holkham Hall Estate took the decision this summer to restrict horse box parking in AND horse rider access through Queen Anne Drive car park to Holkham Beach. You have to arrive between 6-9am and leave no later than 11am, or arrive...
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    Concussion and getting back onboard...

    Rest, rest, rest. I had a very bad concussion around 2001, was off horses (and cycling and most other activities too) for about 3 months. Slept a lot, was very quiet, headaches and whiplash (tip: a good osteopath or physic may help with the whiplash), very low levels of concentration, very...
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    Horse flies

    yep swatted 3 today (Cambridge fens)
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    Any one else thinking of cutting hay?

    No rain in this part of East Anglia for months. I moved the horses onto 1.5 acres that had been rested for 8 weeks - the grass was sparse and up to 8" long. The 1.5 acres which is now being rested has been rested for 10 days so far and still looks as barren and short as the day I moved them off...
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    Do you feed a scoop of chaff before riding ?

    Mine live out but they always have either hay or their chaff-and-balancer breakfast before riding. Lines their stomach.
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    Scared of my youngster.. help

    Funny story which might cheer you up: when my first youngster (I bought him as a 10 month foal) was about 3.5, I took him to an in-hand tree training clinic at the local riding club field where he'd previously been to two in-hand youngster shows. I was having a bad confidence crisis at the...
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    Scared of my youngster.. help

    Echo Goldenstar, accidents happen. As we get older we tend to dwell more on the what-ifs so which dents our confidence. He's gelded, he's 3 so he doesn't need to do anything right now. You've turned him away. That tops the ante rising, keeps you both comfy around each other. When lockdown ends...
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    replacing an Ifor Williams HB505 ramp panel

    Much much easier to replace a ramp than a side panel!
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    Anyone seen any Swallows yet??

    Mine arrived yesterday.
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    RSPCA trainees

    No different to city stables where there's no turnout. Or Household Cavalry where the horses live in stalls rather than stables. Or training yards where the racehorses live in stables. One difference - no other equine company.
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    Companion needed during lockdown - what are your thoughts?

    One way round might be for the animal charities to accept recommendations from vets/farriers/dog trainers/etc as to people's suitability to rehome pets, with the professional providing an emailed written opinion gleaned from their patient records/knowledge of the person. Not without its...
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    Companion needed during lockdown - what are your thoughts?

    Most of the animal rescue charities are the same - they won't rehome/foster animals to people who haven't been home checked despite their centres possibly being over-run with animals waiting to be re homed plus a dire finance situation with usual level of donations not coming in but...
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    Companion needed during lockdown - what are your thoughts?

    Blue Cross are desperate to find temporary foster homes for ponies. My friend already has one BC pony and is taking on another 3 this month. I reckon many of the temporary foster homes my turn into permanent adoption homes if the fosterer is agreeable too. Also RDA ponies. Our local group's...