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    Why do people look for a specific breed?

    Every breed has it's place. All are useful in their own right. For myself I wouldn't buy anything other than an Arab for their toughness and versatility and beauty.
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    Should I make the paddock

    Frankly, your horse, your problem imvho. Just get some tape and posts and get on with it for heavens sake.
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    Ground mesh for gateways?

    We have put down rubber mesh stabilizing matting in a gateway. What an improvement! Would recommend it however we did put some limestone chips under it to give the ground some help and it's just fine now.
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    Advice wanted, how do you stop a reared?

    I had a horse that did this sort of thing, exactly as you describe, really randomly. She was put down in the end and pm showed a brain tumour. Do be careful, and hope you get to the bottom of it all.
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    Weed Killer for Docks/ thistles/ nettles

    There are courses available for less than £200 if you need to get certificated. I have just applied.
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    Posh dressage plaits? Tips needed!

    I would wind them up the other way to achieve that.
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    What would you do in my situation ?

    Keep riding, whatever you do, keep it up. It is very easy to get hopelessly stiff as you get older and then you won't feel balanced when you come to ride your youngsters. Even if you have maintained your confidence. I would buy the horse you are looking at (if sound) and just keep on trucking...
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    Owners horses liver problems*****

    My youngster had liver problems last year. Milk thistle made no difference whatsoever to him. I had him on a sugar free diet. Thunderbrook, oat straw chop, soaked grass nuts and a few oats as well as good hay and pasture. Gradually the problem resolved itself. Why, is an eternal mystery to me...
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    Budgerigars: any experts?

    We had budgies. The older lines did live a long time. We lost the last one at age 15. However I was told that newer show line birds are bred to grow big fast and therefore don't make old bones. We had a male and female and then 2 females. The girls fought like crazy and had to have...
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    Cleaning/picking up rubber mats

    Mole grips. It's the only way I have found.
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    Cribbing and wind sucking - obligation to declare?

    This, absolutely.
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    Bit getting stuck between front and canine teeth

    I turn my boy out in a chifney. He is a pest otherwise. When I take it off I unbuckle the head strap and hold the bit so that he gently lets go. Maybe you could try this and give him a polo or something to get him to relax before you let him off so that he is more focussed on you rather than...
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    Equine services in Lincolnshire

    Chillipup. Tower Equine vets are based at Grimsthorpe just outside Bourne and do cover that area.
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    do you insured your retired horses?

    This and use BHS for our pl.
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    Chronic Arthritis

    I'd give Turmeric a go as well. Gave it to our old polo pony who is 26 and very stiff in the morning and I can't believe the difference it has made in a very short time of administering it. Ours is a different horse on this.